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F irst and foremost the Beauceron is a herd- ing dog and must be of a structure that would give the impression they could herd a large flock of sheep all day long. Th e Beauceron is a well bal- anced dog, well muscled without heavi- ness or coarseness. Dogs are characteristi- cally larger with a larger frame and heavier bone than bitches. Bitches are distinctly feminine but without weakness in sub- stance or structure. Th e Beauceron should be confident with no trace of timidity. Although they can be reserved with strangers they should be easily approached without showing signs of fear. Size Males 25 ½ -27 ½ " and Bitches 24"-26". Disqualification: Over or under size. Proportion: “Medium” in all proportion. Length of body slightly greater than height. Bitches can be slightly longer than dogs. Substance: Powerful, well built, well muscled, without sign of heaviness or clumsiness. Dogs lacking substance should be severely penalized. Head Long and well chiseled, in proportion with the body. Th e length of head is about 40% the height of the dog. Th e height of width of the head are slightly less than half the total length. Th e skull and muzzle are of equal length. Seen in profile, the top lines of skull and muzzle lie roughly in parallel planes. Skull: Flat or slightly rounded near side of head. Stop: Slightly pronounced and equidistant from occiput to tip of nose. Muzzle: Proportionate, not narrow, pointed or excessively broad. Ears: Set high. May be cropped or natural no preference to be given to one

By Karla Davis

Chest: Th e chest is wide, deep , long and descends to the point of the elbow. Girth of the chest is greater than the height at the withers by 20%. (In Europe they measure the dogs and record in a written critique). Ribcage extends well back with long, flex- ible and moderately curved ribs. Body & Legs Body: Th e length of the body from the point of the buttock is slightly more than the height of the dog at the withers. Forequarters: Legs are vertical when viewed from front or in profile, shoulders are moderately long with good layback, feet are large, round and compact. Nails are black. Hindquarters: Angulation balanced with forequarters, vertical when viewed from rear or side,upper thigh broad and muscular, hock at a point roughly ¼ of the height at withers , forming well open angle with lower thigh. Metatarsals are verti- cal, slightly further back than the point of the buttock. When viewed from behind, metatar- sals are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Feet are round and compact, toeing out slightly. (A French judge once showed me that if you measure around from the inside dewclaw to the outside toe, the center of that measure- ment of the foot is what points forward.) Dewclaws: Double dewclaws on each rear leg. Two separate toes with nails placed close to the foot. (When examining for the dewclaws if they can be clearly visu- alized it is not necessary to handle them as one would “feel” for them on a Briard.) DQ: Anything less than 2 dewclaws on each rear leg. Tail In repose the tail is carried down and descends at least to the point of the hock. It forms a slight “J” without deviation to

style over the other. Natural ears are half pricked , ½ the length of the head. DQ: Natural ears upright and rigid. Nose: Proportionate to the muzzle, well developed, never split and always black. Eyes: Horizontal and slightly oval, dark brown, never lighter than dark hazel. Walleye (blue, light blue, particolored) acceptable in harlequin. DQ: Yellow (bird of prey) eyes, walleye in black/rust dogs. Lips: Firm and well pigmented. Slight but firm flews Teeth: Scissor bite preferred, level toler- ated. DQ: Overshot or undershot with loss of contact. Absence of 3 or more teeth, first premolars not to count. Neck: Muscular and of good length, united harmoniously with shoulders. Topline & Chest Topline: Straight and strong. Withers are well defined. Loin is broad, short and muscular. Croup is slightly sloped in direc- tion of tail attachment.

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