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My activities outside of the dog show world are truly a little bit of everything! I am licensed to judge all Sporting and Working breeds, as well as breeds in Hound, Toy, Herding and Best in Show. GAIL KARAMALEGOS

I have co-owned several Australian Shepherds with clients and have finished approximately 40-50 as a handler. I’ve been judging the breed since 1998. I grew up in and handled out of northern Illinois (near Chicago), so I still consider myself a “Midwesterner”; however, we moved to Hamden, Connecticut nine years ago for husband’s job. He is the Dean of two

I purchased my first Aussie in 1988, from a local rancher outside Bryan, Texas. I paid $50 for her, and she was the most intelligent dog I’d ever had in my entire life. As it turns out—and unbeknownst to me—her pedigree had some of the most prestigious foundation working bloodlines in the breed. She was not bred for confor- mation, nor was I interested in showing

colleges at Southern CT State University.


dogs at that time. When she was about a year old, I took her to an ASCA event for her first obedience trial, and it was there that I met a breeder who was to become my best friend and Aussie mentor. Tragically, she died suddenly in 1996 of a heart attack, but by then I had several conformation-bred dogs from her, which I had shown to their ASCA and AKC champion- ships. A few years later, I applied for my ASCA breeder judge approval, and in 2005 I was approved as an AKC provisional judge for Australian Shepherds and Junior Showmanship. I’ve had the privilege of judging both AKC and ASCA shows all over the US, and at the national specialties for USASA and ASCA. Since I’m one of only a handful of Aussie breed specialists approved by AKC, I’ve also had wonderful judging assignments overseas for FCI events in Finland, Germany, France, Switzer- land, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Australia. My lifelong profession has been as an Occupational Therapist for 40 years, working in many different healthcare settings. For the past 3 years, I’ve been working in home health, vis- iting patients in their homes. My knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology has helped me tremendously as a breeder and a judge. I’ve lived in Bryan, Texas for the past 30 years, and for the past 20 years, I’ve lived in a house I designed, on 5 wooded acres several miles outside the city limits. I find great pleasure in my Aussies and cats, and love all kinds of arts/crafts—for the past few years, I’ve been very involved in crochet primarily, and enjoy making afghans and throws to give away.

My very first and best exposure to the Australian Shepherd breed was through a Great Dane client and friend. We met at a place that was convenient for both of us traveling from different areas and that place was Propwash Farm. She was a long time friend of Leslie Frank. From the moment I saw the breed I was taken with everything about them. I did show at

some ASCA events early on for Leslie prior to the breed being AKC Registered. At that time I had the privilege of showing BIS, BISS Propwash Elmo—a dog dear to my heart to this day. Time passed, life changed and after many years of working together we were in sync with our passion for the breed and after I retired from handling have gone on to co-breed under the Propwash prefix with Leslie Frank. I have been honored to judge the breed at Westminster KC and Best of Breed at the National Specialty as well as specialties in France and Den- mark. I look forward to an upcoming assignment in England of a much anticipated anniversary specialty show. I decline judging the breed in the US at all breed shows due to my con- tinued activity as a breeder and owner handler.

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