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JUDGING THE RUSSELL TERRIER By JoAnn Stoll T he Russell Terrier has arrived. We are thrilled it has been so well received within the ranks of AKC. It has been described as cute- as-a-button, with a happy, confident char- acter by those who have become enamored with the breed.

But please remember this grand little terrier is far more. We have a mandate to preserve the original form and function of this old working breed. We ask Judges to be diligent in helping us preserve their unique qualities. Th e essence of the Russell Terrier is the size, chest, agility, rectangu- lar silhouette and proportions. Th e Russell Terrier originated in Eng- land as a type of fox working terrier. It garnered the respect of the English fox hunting sportsman during the 1800s because of its prowess in the hunt fields and became renowned all over the world for its unique qualities as the ultimate

working earth terrier. It was a predomi- nantly white, agile terrier with courage, nose and intelligence. When the fox entered the earth the Russell was used to bolt the fox so the hunt could continue. Its flexible chest allowed it to work e ffi - ciently below the ground, able to traverse small tunnels to bolt the fox. Th e Russell was carried on horseback in terrier bags, requiring a handy size.

Both the Russell and the Parson Rus- sell derived from the Reverend John Russell’s working terriers. Although the two developed into distinctly separate breeds, the difference between the two is very subtle to the novice. Both require the flexible chest and agility required to hunt successfully. The height, pro- portions, and the slightly rectangular silhouette of the Russell differ from the


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