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A size from 10" to 12" is the standard, based on the requirements for the ideal working terrier; under or over size is a disqualification. Over 12" encroaches on the Parson Russell Terrier and under 10" encroaches on dwarfism. The head shape is a blunted wedge when viewed from the front with paral- lel head planes when viewed in profile. The muzzle is slightly shorter than back skull when measured from the nose to stop and from the stop to the occiput. The ears are small and v-shaped lying close to the head with the tip coming to the corner of the eye. The Russell Terrier has three accept- able hair coats: smooth, broken and rough. All three hair coats must include a harsh outer jacket with a sufficient undercoat to protect them from intense wet weather conditions, rocks, roots and other debris underground. Linty, soft hair coats lacking undercoat do not pro- vide the Russell with sufficient protec- tion from the cold and wet conditions above or below ground. Th e Russell should be presented with minimal grooming. Sculpted furnishings are to be severely penalized. Th e Russell gait is a ground covering e ff ortless stride exhibiting equal reach and equal drive. Th e Russell is a parallel track- ing breed and the down and back move- ment should be clean. Russells should always be gaited on a loose lead without being strung up. “THE RUSSELL SHOULD BE PRESENTED WITH MINIMAL GROOMING. Sculpted furnishings are to be severely penalized.”

CHARACTER OF THE RUSSELL T he Russell Terrier is a feisty terrier given its procliv- ity for vermin. They are intelligent, curious, affec- tionate, independent, and determined. They are play- ful with vast amounts of energy. Russells require early socialization with other canine’s, livestock, people and especially with children. Th ey can be excellent with children if both are raised with love and respect for each other. Russells are easily trained because of their intelligence, so train- ing must be firm yet loving. However, they can easily become bored if training is too repetitive or lengthy. Th ey learn very quickly and have incredible memo- ries. Th e intensity for which they tackle life is one of their most endearing traits. Most thrive with active families where they can explore the great outdoors. Th ey will bust their buttons to please purely because they choose to do so. You must allow for their independent nature at times which can be unpredictable. Certain situations may arise when instinct overrides training. Russell fanciers view this for the most part as part of their charm. “RUSSELLS ARE A VERSATILE BREED EXCELLING IN PERFORMANCE AND WORKING EVENTS. They have become successful in the movie and TV industry emerging as canine celebrities.” Russells are a versatile breed excelling in performance and working events. They have become successful in the movie and TV industry emerg- ing as canine celebrities. Celebrity often times misleads the general pub- lic portraying the breed idealistic in character. One of our Russell’s was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for popping balloons. They have been used for vermin control in country settings, tracking, cattle dogs, and hunting by sportsman. Horse fanciers have been particularly attracted to the breed because they make excellent hardy companions and eradicate mice and rats from barns. The small size of the Russells makes them ideal traveling companions but it must be remembered the Russell Terrier is first and foremost a hunting terrier.

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