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By Nodie Williams

he appeal of the Russell Terrier, AKC’s newest and usually smallest of the terrier group breeds is undeniable. Th ey are very cute, exhibiting a

merry outlook and friendly nature in the company of their owners and handlers. Th eir intelligent expression and relative- ly mild demeanor catch the attention of nearly everyone in the ringside and they are usually crowd favorites in whatever venue you find them. From the old days of racing, to earth dog, lure coursing, weight pull, rally, agility, obedience and confor- mation they approach competition and indeed everyday life with enthusiasm and a lively sense of adventure. Th ey are great fun, whether day to day around the house (and for those lucky enough, around the farm) or in training and competing, they are cheerful and loyal. Th ey are extremely intelligent and have great problem solving ability. Th ey are devoted to their people and can be happy doing just about anything the people choose to do, although remaining quiet on the sidelines when the kids play “ball” sports may be a tall order for them. Th ey can be included in almost any activity and are happiest when allowed to share activities with their humans. Th ey are keen observers of family life and pick up on nuances missed by other dogs. You can’t, for instance rattle the keys and expect them to bounce to the door if you don’t have on your shoes. Th ey adore farm life and in particular a life shared with horses. Th ey enjoy being a member of the workforce. Th e Russell retains much of its original talent as a fox-bolter, rat and mouse catcher and all around vermin exterminator. Th ey have a strong prey drive and lightning quick reflexes. Th ey can catch mice in midair. Th ey are t4 )08 4 *()5 . "(";*/& ' &#36"3: 

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