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responsibility at the o ffi ce and come home to just “cuddle” with the little dog. Serious behavior problems arise when owners unintentionally reward escalat- ing dominance behavior in the little dog. Th e Russell is very protective of his home, territory and even the family vehicle. His big teeth and no back-down demeanor may require discipline in this area as well. He must never be allowed to choose whether to surrender a toy or food or any other “prize”, but must always give in to his owner’s demands. Th e relationship must be firmly estab- lished early on and then can mature into one of the most rewarding that ones that you can have. My Russells go with me everywhere as they have since Badger came to me from England in 1980; they are a source of con- stant amusement and pride. So, if being “bossy” doesn’t make you uncomfortable, and your lifestyle includes doing stu ff with your dog, the Russell terrier is probably one breed of dog you should consider; this is especially true if you’d like a big dog atti- tude within a little dog package. BIO Nodie Williams has bred the Frayed Knot Russell terriers since 1980 with the English import Frayed Knot Badger being the first in this long and successful line. Most notably is Frayed Knot Spike, who in 2007 was a UKC Grand Champion, UWP(Weight Pull), three times awarded Total Dog and RBIS; winning the Breed at the Top Ten competition and Premier. In May of 2010, he was awarded the first AKC Miscelleaneous Breeds Award of Merit; IN 2011 he achieved his JE; 2012 he won his CA, and his CD; and his con- formation Championship. He has always been breeder/owner han- dled and has one Grand Champion son Frayed Knot Spikelike, CA; and son Ch. Frayed Knot Snark, CA JE; daughter Ch. Frayed Knot Wisp and several grandpup- pies with majors. Nodie is a board member of the ARTC. Nodie is also an Irish Sporthorse breed- er; being a fox hunter, cowboy mounted shooter and animal artist are other pur- suits besides having gone to the dogs.

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