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CONNIE CLARK We live in Rio Del Mar, CA located in northern California, by the Monterey Bay. My husband and I enjoy cruising in the Pacific Northwest, Canadian Gulf Islands and points north in British Columbia. I have had 39 years in dogs, 39 years show- ing and was approved to judge in 2007. GAY DUNLAP I live in Indio, CA with my 14-year-old Wheaten Terrier, Tilly. Prior to that, Gil- bert, AZ, and before that, Santa Fe, NM; the latter still holds my heart. Outside of dogs, I manage three websites, design websites and enjoy writing. I have been part of the fancy since the late 1960s and have shown dogs since then as well— initially Yorkshire Terriers and then Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. I have been judging for slightly over 29 years. ANN D. HEARN

finished. After at least a ka-zillion years, I applied to judge both Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers in 1984. AL PERTUIT I live in Central, SC. I’m a retired Professor Emeritus of Horticulture, Clemson University. I enjoy ornamental garden- ing at home and have more potted plants than Wal-Mart. I’ve been showing Wire Fox Terriers for 35 years (bred over 60 AKC Champions) and have been judging for 17 years. MARJORIE UNDERWOOD

I live in Cincinnati, OH and I enjoy a very good and comfortable home life with my husband, Jack, our dogs and cat. Trav- eling is one of my favorite items on my to do list. In 1972 my first Westie strutted through the door. This little Westie pup changed my life forever. Her first time at a puppy match (my first time, also,) she won her class, then the breed, on to first

I live in a close suburb to Atlanta, GA. Aside from dogs, I make my own jew- elry, knit and other hand crafty things. I also am a great fan of opera and clas- sical music. I got my first purebred dog (Wire Fox Terrier) as a one-year anniver- sary present from Jim in 1957, and imme- diately went to the Atlanta Kennel Club show to see how close he was to the Stan-

in the Terrier group, and then on to Best In Show. Thus, I was forever launched in to the pure dog world. So far, it has been a great journey. In the mid 1980s I judged the Westie Sweep- stakes at Montgomery County. During the early 1990s I began my judging career. 1. Describe the breed in three words. CC: Small, agile and flexible. GD: Can I use four? Keen, spirited, small and sturdy.

dard—not very close, I fear. This gave me the momentum and interest to get the best I could find and afford. Our children were babies back then, so money was not plentiful, nor was time. Within 4 or 5 years I purchased a very well-bred Wire Fox bitch that I attempted to groom (until George Ward got hold of me and made me do exactly as he said), showed and

AH: Appealing, workman-like and enjoyable. AP: Russells are “alert, confident, sturdy”. MU: Sturdy, fearless and confident.

2. What is the unique defining element of the Russell Terrier breed type?

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