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ORIGIN: Korea.


UTILIZATION: Hunting dog.

Group 5 Spitz and primitive types. Section 5 Asian Spitz and related breeds. Without working trial.


BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : There is no written record about the origin of the Korea Jindo Dog, but many authorities agree that this breed has existed for several thousands of years in the Island of Jindo, which is located at the South-West end of the Korean peninsula. About the ancient origin, however, among different theories, the main accepted is, that the Jindo Dog is indigenous to Korea; the breed has been well preserved in this island due to the transportation difficulties in those days. In Korea, Korea Jindo Dogs are called Jindo-kae or Jindo-kyon. Kae or Kyon are Korean words for dog. GENERAL APPEARANCE: The Korea Jindo Dog is a well- proportioned medium-sized dog used for hunting and guarding. With erect ears and a rolled or sickle-shaped tail it should be a vivid expression of agility, strength, alertness and dignity.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS : Ratio between height at withers: length of body = 10 : 10,5.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT: The Korea Jindo Dog has a very strong instinct for hunting and is bold, brave, alert and careful, not tempted easily and impetuous. But most of all he is extremely faithful to his master. On the whole he is not fond of other animals, especially males. He also has a good sense of direction.

FCI-St. N° 334 / 13.07.2005

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