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A one-man dog, he readily accepts a new master, but never forgets his attachment towards the former master who raised him from puppyhood. He keeps himself clean and eats sparingly.

HEAD: In general, the head forms a blunt triangle when viewed from above and does not make the dog appear clumsy or coarse.

CRANIAL REGION : The skull is of medium size in proportion to the body. The top is slightly rounded and tapering down gradually to the eyes. The width between the ears is moderate in proportion to the size of the head. Stop : Well defined, but not too abrupt. There is a slight furrow extending up towards forehead. FACIAL REGION : Nose: Black. In case of white dog, flesh colour is permitted . Muzzle : The muzzle should not be bulky nor turned upward. Lips : Black , closing tightly, thin and not pendulous; upper lip slightly covers the lower lip. Teeth : Very strong; scissors bite. Cheeks : Well developed, dry and moderately round when viewed from side and front; narrowing to the end of the nose. EYES: Dark brown in colour, rather small in proportion to the size of the head, almond in shape and very lively; the outer corner of both eyes is slanted towards the ears. EARS: Of medium size, triangular in shape, thick and perfectly erect; ears, set neither high nor low, point slightly forward in line with the back of the neck. Inside of ears, a fine and dense texture of coat is desirable. NECK: Rather well-balanced and thick without dewlap, well muscled and strong. The Korea Jindo Dog carries his neck proudly and well arched when excited.

FCI-St. N° 334 / 13.07.2005

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