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BODY Back : Strong and straight. Loin : Well muscled, taut, lean and narrower than the rib cage. Chest : Strong and moderately deep, but not too broad. The deepest point of chest reaches just above the elbow, but same level with the elbow is also acceptable. Ribs well sprung. Brisket well developed. Underline and belly : Drawn up. TAIL: When let down, the tip of the tail should reach the hock. Root rather set high, stands straight firmly and should not sway when the dog moves. Sickle-shaped or rolled, the end of the tail touching the back or the flank. Should not be too curled. The tail is profusely feathered.


FOREQUARTERS : General appearance: Forelegs straight and parallel when viewed from front. Shoulder : Strong and powerful and well laid back . Elbows : Close to the body, turned neither in nor out. Pastern : Slightly slanting forward when viewed from side. Forefeet : Cat feet. Toes rather short, roundish, compact and tight. Nails strong; black colour is preferred. Pads thick and well- cushioned. HINDQUARTERS : General appearance: When viewed from side, the hindlegs are moderately angulated ; when viewed from the rear , hindlegs stand straight, parallel and neither too wide nor too close. Dewclaws should be removed except in countries where their removal is forbidden by law. Upper thighs : Well-developed. Stifle : Moderately angulated. Hocks : Well let down, not straight, moderately angulated. Hind feet : Identical with forefeet.

FCI-St. N° 334 / 13.07.2005

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