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ORIGIN : Australia.


UTILIZATION : As the name implies the dog’s prime func tion, and one in which he has no peer, is the control and herding of cattle in both wide open and confined areas, as well as in harsh conditions. Always alert, extremely intelligent, watchful, courageous and trustworthy, with an implicit devotion to duty making it an ideal working cattle dog. FCI-CLASSIFICATION : Group 1 Sheepdogs and Cattledogs except Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs. Section 2 Cattledogs (except Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs) Without working trials. BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : The “Stumpy Tail” has a long history in Australia and was carefully bred for herding cattle in the early-19 th Century. There are two schools of thought as to the actual founder of the breed. The first version is a Thomas Simpson Hall; cross-mated the Northern English herding dogs, Smithfields with the indigenous Australian Dingos creating the first Australian cattle dog to be known as Hall’s Heeler (circa 1830). The second version a drover named Timmins of Bathurst New South Wales in 1830 mated a Smithfields with the Australian Native Dog, the Dingo, the progeny, red bob- tailed dogs were known as “TIMMINS BITERS”. The dogs were great workers, but proved to be too severe on the stock. Another cross was needed. A smooth haired blue merle Collie was introduced, this established an excellent all round dog, the ancestor of the present day Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog.

St-FCI n°351/13.07.2005

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