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The Smithfield introduced the natural bob-tail, the Dingo the red colouring as well as a natural acceptance of the harsh outback conditions. The blue colouring came from the blue merle Collie, which were also known as German Coolies. Generally “Stumpy Tails” were bred in the spacious rural areas of Australia and only a small number were registered in the Stud Books. In 2001, this long-standing breed was renamed the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog. GENERAL APPEARANCE : Shall be that of a well proportioned working dog, rather square in profile with a hard-bitten, rugged appearance, and sufficient substance to convey the impression of the ability to endure long periods of arduous work under whatsoever conditions may prevail. BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : The "Stumpy" possesses a natural aptitude in the working and control of cattle, and a loyal, courageous and devoted disposition. It is ever alert, watchful and obedient, though suspicious of strangers. At all times it must be amenable to handling in the Show ring.


CRANIAL REGION: Skull: Broad between the ears and flat, narrowing slightly to the eyes. Stop: Slight but definite. FACIAL REGION: The foreface is of moderate length, well filled up under the eye, the deep powerful jaws tapering to a blunt strong muzzle. Nose: Black, irrespective of the colour of the dog. Muzzle: Blunt and strong. Jaws/teeth: The teeth are strong, sound and regularly spaced. The lower incisors close behind and just touching the upper.

St-FCI n°351/13.07.2005

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