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Cheeks: Muscular without coarseness.

EYES : The eyes should be oval in shape, of moderate size, neither full nor prominent, with alert and intelligent yet suspicious expression, and of dark brown colour. EARS : The ears are moderately small, pricked and almost pointed. Set on high yet well apart. Leather moderately thick. The inner side of the ear should be well furnished with hair. NECK : The neck is of exceptional strength , arched , muscular and of medium length, broadening to blend into the body, free from throatiness. BODY : The length of the body from the point of the breast-bone to the point of buttocks should be equal to the height of the withers. Back: Level, broad and strong. Loins: Deep and muscular. Chest: The well sprung ribs taper at the lower half, to a deep moderately broad chest.

TAIL : The tail is undocked, of a natural length not exceeding 10 cm (4 ins), set on high but not carried much above the level of the back.


FOREQUARTERS: General appearance: Well-boned and muscular. Viewed from any angle they are perfectly straight. Shoulder: Clean, muscular and sloping. Elbow: Parallel to the body. Forefeet: The feet should be round, strong, deep in pads with well arched toes, closely knit. Nails strong, short and of dark colour.

St-FCI n°351/13.07.2005

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