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HINDQUARTERS: General appearance: Broad, powerful and muscular. When viewed from behind the hind legs from hock to feet are straight, and placed neither close nor too wide apart. Thigh: Well developed. Stifle: Moderately turned. Hock joint: Strong, moderately let down with sufficient bend. Hind feet: The feet should be round, strong, deep in pads with well arched toes, closely knit. Nails strong, short and of dark colour. GAIT/MOVEMENT : Soundness is of paramount importance. The action is true, free, supple and tireless, the movement of the shoulders and forelegs in unison with the powerful thrust of the hindquarters. Capability of quick and sudden movement is essential. COAT Hair: The outer coat is moderately short, straight, dense and of medium harsh texture. The undercoat is short, dense and soft. The coat around the neck is longer, forming mild ruff. The hair on the head, legs and feet, is short. Colour: • Blue: The dog should be blue or blue mottled, whole coloured. The head may have black markings. Black markings on the body are permissible. • Red Speckle: The colour should be a good even red speckle all over, including the undercoat (not white or cream), with or without darker, red markings on the head. Red patches on the body are permissible.

SIZE : Height: Dogs

46-51 cms (18-20 ins) at withers. Bitches 43-48 cms (17-19 ins) at withers.

Dogs or bitches over or under these specified sizes are undesirable.

St-FCI n°351/13.07.2005

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