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transition as the new coat grows in the old coat dies and comes out in large sections starting at the base of the neck, down the center of the back and then down the sides of the body. The coat is not to be penalized in this state of change. Fault - Silky or soft coat. Color: Yellow & white or fawn & white of any shade or primarily white with patches of any shade of yellow or fawn. The following colors are also acceptable, but they are not preferred: tones of black or brown, with white patches or white with patches of black or brown. Fault - Brindle and solid white. Gait: Side gait is of a typical larger sight hound balanced front and rear. Front action is straight and reaching moderately forward. Going away, the hind legs are parallel and have moderate drive. Convergence of the front and rear legs towards their center of gravity is proportional to the speed of their movement, giv ing the appearance of an active agile hound, capable of a full day’s hunting. Temperament: They are an intelligent, independent, affectionate, alert breed, however they can be wary with strangers and this should not be considered a fault in the judging process. Faults: Eyes of two different colors. Rounded, bent ears. Silky or soft coat. Brindle and solid white. Disqualifications: Size – Over 28 inches. Under 16 inches. Hanging ears. Tail – Curled in a circle touching the back .

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