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TEMPERAMENT Alert, friendly, attentive, and lively.

FOREQUARTERS Upper Arm: Oblique, not too steep. Shoulder Blade: Oblique, not too steep. Legs: Front legs straight and parallel. Due to the wide and deep chest, the front legs are placed rather wide. FAULT: Low on legs. Pasterns: Strong and springy. Dewclaws: Front dewclaws are present. Feet: Small, oval, and moderately tight-knit. HINDQUARTERS Legs: Parallel and well-muscled. Thigh: Fairly broad. Stifle: Well- angulated. Hock Joint: Well-angulated. Rear Dewclaws: Accepted. COAT The coat is short, hard, and smooth. Resilient and easy care, many Farmdogs carry a “low shedding” gene. COLOR White dominating. Patches of different colors, sizes, and combina- tions permissible (black, brown, agouti, yellow, and all shades of tan and fawn). Patches also on head, with or without tan markings. Fleck- ing accepted. FAULT: Head entirely white. Color varies widely in this breed and may migrate or change as the puppy grows. GAIT Parallel and free. The muscular build, slightly rounded croup, and roomy chest combine to produce lightning speed, and the sturdy tail can make an effective rudder. It’s the body of a supreme athlete.

Farmdogs are experts at winning hearts. They are highly social with both people and other dogs. Committed cuddlers, they make wonderful Therapy Dogs. I think of them as “chroni- cally cheerful.” (You simply cannot have a bad day with a Farm- dog around.) Highly biddable, they learn at an astonishing rate. FAULTS Any departure from the foregoing points would be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in proportion to its degree and effect on the health and welfare of the dog. Conformation Judging Procedure: The Danish-Swedish Farmdog is to be examined on the table. Small in size but large in stature, the table is the best place for judges to appreciate the symmetry and substance inherent in the breed. The Danish-Swedish Farmdog Club of America appreciates and celebrates the working potential of the Farmdog. These dogs are energetic and playful, engaging, quite biddable, highly social, curious, brilliant, and charismatic. A “busy” dog that also loves to cuddle in your lap, they are proving to be superstars in all AKC events. From Agility to Obedience, Rally, Scent Work, Barn Hunt, Fast CAT, Trick Dog, etc., Farmdogs set the bar for most other dogs to follow. Once you own a Farmdog, you won’t want to live without one—or more!


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