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on July 1, 2004. Th e Black Russian Terrier Club of America ( is the AKC parent club. Despite its name of “terrier,” which was transferred to the name of the breed from the name of the Red Star Kennel project, the Black Russian Terrier is not a terrier and has neither the structure nor movement of a terrier. Structure and movement resembling the “terrier type” would be a fault under the Black Russian Terrier standard. Th e Black Russian Terrier was bred to guard and to protect, and it must possess the substance, size, agility and stability of temperament to perform this function. Th e desirable type for a Black Russian Ter- rier is a large dog with a balance between excellent substance and powerful move- ment without sacrificing one for the other. Th ere are many adjectives that describe the character and temperament of the Black Russian Terrier. He is a calm, con- fident, courageous and self-assured dog.

He is alert and responsive, instinctively protective, determined, fearless, and deeply loyal to family. He is aloof towards strangers and therefore does not relish intrusion into his personal space. Stability and working abilities are passed genetical- ly and should be mandatory requirements for breeding stock. Created for close work with humans, the Black Russian Terrier does not pos- sess hunting instincts. Th e dogs are dedi- cated to and become very attached to their owners and families, and thus it is not a breed that can be left outside or iso- lated in a kennel. The Black Russian Terrier is a robust, large and very powerful breed with males ranging in size from 28"-30" and females slightly smaller. A large male will easily weigh 140 pounds. Because of its size, strength and natural protec- tive qualities, early and continuing obe- dience and socialization will result in a well-rounded, stable and trustworthy

companion. It is not a breed that should be purchased for children or left under a child’s supervision. Black Russian Terriers easily respond to positive training and they are quite multi-talented. Th ey excel in obedi- ence, rally, agility, carting, weight pull- ing, protection, and other working dog sports. Black Russian Terriers with cor- rect temperament are being used in many di ff erent working fields as military/police dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs and companion dogs. Th e only acceptable color for the Black Russian Terrier is black. A small percent- age of gray hairs (even in puppies) are allowed, as long as the gray hairs are even- ly spread and there are no solid patches. As the breed is still young and a few of the foundation breeds were not black, there can be throw-back colors (such as black and tan, sable and fawn) from time to time (each parent must contribute a col- or gene). While these non-black colored


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