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dogs are not acceptable in any registries, despite their color pattern they have the same unmistakable Black Russian Ter- rier qualities and are loved by many Black Russian Terrier fanciers. Health is very important in the Black Russian Terrier. As with many large breeds, hip and elbow dysplasia remain a health problem for the breed. Hyperuricosuria (bladder stones from high levels of uric acid) has also seen an increase in the last few years. Consciencious breeders world- wide are health testing and reporting results in an e ff ort to produce healthy litters. Th e double coat of the Black Russian Terrier requires regular grooming. Th e natural untrimmed coat length varies from 1 ½ " to 6". While this is not a heavy shed-

ding coat, weekly brushing and bathing and scissoring every four to six weeks are recommended to maintain a healthy man- ageable coat. More frequent beard washing may be required. Sadly, the number of Black Russian Terriers in rescue has increased substan- tially as the public has become more aware of this fascinating breed, often seen only in pictures or on television before acquir- ing. Many dogs have been imported or acquired from unknown breeders. Th e dogs su ff er from poor breeding and have genetic or other health issues. New owners have no idea of the size, cost, maintenance and training required for this breed. Th eir expectations of a black bear-type dog with a Labrador personality are short lived and

they are not prepared to deal with the tem- perament and size of a very large untrained and unsocialized heavy coated working dog. As a result, the dogs are abandoned or turned into shelters, often as young adults. Loved by people all over the world, the Black Russian Terrier is, indeed, a very fas- cinating breed. Emerging from the blend- ing of many working breeds, the Black Russian Terrier has its own, unique image – incredibly beautiful and powerful, intel- ligent and loyal, these dogs are amazing companions, providing love, joy and pro- tection to its owners. It is the responsibility and obligation of the Black Russian Terrier breeders and owners to be careful stewards of this mag- nificent breed.


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