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JOAN ECKERT I am a breeder/exhibitor of Norwich for 35 years in Kalam- azoo, Michigan, and have judged several National Specialty sweepstakes. I am a leader in health testing and breeding sol- id dispositions with 35 champions, specialty winners and BIS winners. Outside of dogs, I have a grand hobby of antiques and unique collections of various objects—some might call it hoarding I suppose. MARETH KIPP I live with my husband on a dairy farm in southeastern Wisconsin in an area known as the Southern Kettle Moraine. My husband Fred, along with our son Bruce and grandson Dan, run the farm. I am in charge of the bookwork. I do have a life outside of dogs, although with a current litter of 6-week-old Airedale puppies, that time is limited. I volunteer at Waukesha Memorial Hospital in the recovery room, two days a week. I also love to find time to read, knit or do count- ed cross-stitch. I have been involved with purebred dogs and dog shows for (I hate to admit it) 48 years. My first dog show was in January 1968, and what a journey it has been. I have been judging 30 years, give or take. We have 4 adult children and 5 great Grandkids, two of which are making names for themselves as professional handlers. As for myself, during my first show as an exhibitor, under a wonderful Terrier Judge, Bill Marshner, we had a great Airedale entry of close to 20. I was showing my first puppy and won a class of 6. She went on to Reserve Winners Bitch and my husband later told Bill if he had only given me 5th in that class he could have put an end to all this show nonsense. I guess it didn’t work as I still love it and can’t wait for the next show. MARGO KLINGLER

MIDGE MARTIN I live in Libertyville, Illinois, about 45 miles north of Chicago. My day job is as a Neuropsychologist . I am an independent contractor in a large and diverse group practice of wonderful people. I have spent over 50 years in purebred dogs: a silver Miniature Poodle in 1961, Afghan Hounds since 1964, a few English Cockers about that time, Salukis in the 1970s and the first Standard Wirehaired Dachshund in 1970. My first judging assignment was in October 1973—Ramapo Kennel Club. I left breeding and judging in 1981 to work for AKC. I was Administrator of Judges’ Education, responsible for the breed slide shows and videos. And, yes, I made up the very first tests for Judges. I resumed breeding and judging in 1990, when Don and I married and I moved to Illinois, starting work on my Psy D that fall. BETTY MCDONNELL

I live in Mahwah, New Jersey on “Preserved Farmland” where I have a Christmas tree farm and a private nature preserve. Outside of dogs, I am an avid gardener and birder. I love to travel, read and I enjoy the convenience of the many cultural opportunities available in nearby New York City. I have always had dogs. Before I was 25 years old,

I had owned a Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherds, Dachs- hund and Border Collie. In 1964, I purchased my first New- foundland and breeding, training, showing and judging took over my life. In 2000 I started the process of downsizing to the Norwich. My first Norwich was a two-year-old AKC Champion and a World Champion from Sandina kennel—-an easy introduction to breeding. To date, two of my Norwich bitches have quali- fied as Register of Merit producers. I am always an owner- handler. I continued in obedience and five of my “untrainable Terriers” have earned Utility titles. I began training in agility, which all my dogs love, and all of my Norwich have agility titles. I have served the Norwich Terrier Club of America as

I live in North Texas almost on the Red River. I am a retired Prac- tice Manager Orthopedics and Neu- rosurgery. I do some consulting work. I have shown many different terriers over my 43 years being in the dog world, and judging 18 years of that.

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