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Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) and the AKC awarding titles (ASFA FCh titles are listed as a su ffi x; AKC FC titles as a prefix). Salukis are one of the more successful lure coursing breeds. Salukis also compete in straight and oval racing. At Home Don’t fantasize that you can train your Saluki to ignore fleeing wildlife. Mine have caught deer, feral goat and raccoon. But yes, they can live safely with a cat or small dog (just don’t let it out with a pack of Salukis and encourage it to run!). Th ey do not confuse small dogs at shows with prey; they are hunters, not fighters. Th ey get along well with other dogs, and usually all live loose together in multi- Saluki households. Can you let a Saluki o ff lead? Yes, if he’s used to being o ff lead and if there’s no wildlife to chase or roads nearby, and you’re in no big hurry to get him back.

Some people compare them to cats, but my cats actually came when called. Salukis are calm and quiet housedogs, sleeping much of the day. Groups enjoy a couple of howl-alongs a day. Don’t even try to keep them o ff the softest and high- est surfaces. “ Th e Princess and the Pea” story was surely modeled after a Saluki. Salukis attach deeply to one person or family. Most avoid public displays of a ff ection, but are funny, loving and snuggly in private. Th eir gentle nature makes then outstanding therapy dogs. Health As with other large dogs, heman- giosarcoma and dilated cardiomyopa- thy sometimes occur. Salukis should be prone to bloat, but it's almost unheard of. Eye problems are even rarer (some sources list PRA as present, but that’s based on an erroneous report of a single dog in the 70s).

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