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because of their socialization needs. Th is is a breed whose default setting is to know and love the familiar – their family, their friends – and no one and nothing else. Th e needs of the average urban lifestyle demand a more extroverted and social animal, making the socializing process a necessity to developing a dog that is a good citizen in the world. Good Briard raising practices include constant exposure out of the home and away from the familiar surroundings to create contact with constantly changing situations and new people. Th is is a process which needs constant reinforcement for the first year or more of a Briard’s life. In its best form, the Briard is a remarkably easy and quiet house dog with a keen and developed sense of humor all evident from an early age. Th ey are smart and engaged, busy and involved when appropriate and quietly content to lay in a heap on their loved one’s feet for the rest of their day.

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