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ALICE BIXLER I live in Summerfield, Florida. I can’t honestly say I have an “outside of dogs.” I first started showing in obedience and then conformation in 1960 with an Irish Setter. When I lost him to gastric torsion, I was dogless for a while until Bear- dies came into my life in 1969, followed by Briards in 1971. I’ve had both breeds ever since then and participate in obedi- ence, rally, conformation and lately, nose work. I started judg- ing while living in Canada. When I moved back to Florida in 1990, I applied to the AKC, but was only granted approval to judge Briards and Beardies at that time. MICHAEL GREENBERG throughout the years. I became interested in judging early on and worked toward that goal in the early 1990s. I have been judging for 22 years and am approved for Briards, the three Belgians, Bearded Collies and Junior Showmanship. SULIE GREENDALE- PAVEZA We have lived in Hamden, Connecti- cut for the last 9 years, but prior to that, I was in northern Illinois (multiple Chicago suburbs). Outside of dogs? We are usually stewarding at the Big E on the weekends that I am not judging. I do enjoy my daily walks and do a bit of flower gardening. In the past, I sang professionally, doing musical comedy and Gilbert and Sullivan shows. I’ve been in the dog world for 38 years—exhibiting and handling for 20 years and judging for 18 years. I am a native New Yorker who spent the majority of my life in the Northeast, until moving to Yanceyville, North Caro- lina 14 years ago with my wife Meg and our Briards. Our first Briards joined us in November of 1976, so we are celebrating 40 years in the breed, primarily as breed- er/owner handlers who have enjoyed success at specialty and all-breed shows

PAT HASTINGS I live in Aloha, Oregon, outside of Portland. Dogs fill my life pretty well, but I love gardening and spending time with my family and friends. I got my first dog, a Toy Poodle in 1958. I starting showing in 1960 and started judging in 1991; so I have been around awhile (actually probably longer than many of the magazine’s readers have been alive). JOE HOLAVA Having grown up amidst what was a center for the steel industry and the heavily sports-minded area of southwestern Pennsylvania, my graduation from college and ensuing work and marriage took me to the Cleveland, Ohio area where I have lived in North Ridgeville the majority of my years. Retired from the Sherwin-Williams Company where I was Director of Finance for its International Division, my interests outside of dogs and family have been mostly centered around golf, girls fast-pitch softball and photography/digital arts. I first was involved in showing dogs 40 years ago with some periodic cut backs as our four daughters were growing up. I have been a show chair for over 30 years and started judging just over 25 years ago when the exhibitor in me felt that not enough of the judges were getting my breed at the time right! BRIAN & CINDY MEYER

We live in Cherry Valley, IL. During our career as professional handlers we campaigned 6 different Best in Show Bri- ards, and finished several others. Brian: I have been in dogs my entire life. My parents were breeding Boxers before I was born, and continued to breed until the late 1980s. I showed my first dog when I was 10. I chose a career

as a professional handler, and was a professional handler for 31 years. I retired from handling in 1999 to become a judge. I am currently approved to do the Sporting, Working, Non- Sporting and Herding Groups. Cindy: My parents began showing and breeding German Shepherds in 1956. I showed my first dog when I was 13, and chose to have a career as a professional handler. I was a professional handler for 31 years. I retired from handling in 1999 to become a judge. I am currently approved to do the Working, Terrier, Non-Sporting and Herding Groups, plus Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Salukis. (Photo by Booth)

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