Showsight Presents The Briard


By Terry Miller Reprinted from Briard Club of America national magazine The Dew Claw

T he Briard temperament is a surprise to many at first contact with the breed. Th ey are intense- ly a ff ectionate to their loved ones, devoted to a fault and exclusive in their loyalty. Most Briards have strong opinions and are fairly assertive about their needs and expectations, requiring a clear and con- stant leader with unwavering boundar- ies. As expected when categorized as a herding/ guarding breed, the Briard is

selective, discriminant, aware, reserved with strangers, job oriented and high drive. Th e breed is high maintenance by their basic grooming needs as any coated dog, but even higher maintenance because of their socialization needs. Th is is a breed whose default setting is to know and love the familiar-their family, their friends... and no one and nothing else. Th e needs of the average urban lifestyle demand a more extroverted and social animal, making the socializing process a neces- sity to developing a dog who is a good


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