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(Illustration courtesy of Sandy Bergstrom Mesmer)

8. Is there anything else you’d like to share about the breed? Please elaborate. SB: Sometimes we refuse to look at our dogs’ faults. To be conscious of a fault is a big step to overcoming it. Instead of hiding our dogs’ faults, we should share the knowledge of these faults with each other so we don’t double up on them when breeding. We should discuss them freely and work together to understand them. There is a lot of wisdom through common knowledge and common sense. The final outcome is better Chihuahuas and breeders. BJ: It is a wonderful breed. I am retired from breeding this breed. They are long lived, sweet and love their people. I love long-coats to live with. I have two longs and one smooth girl that are middle-aged so they should be around a while. They make wonderful pets, but can be a pain to show. They are not as easy to get them to show as it looks! RM: The Chihuahua is a big dog in a small package. A cor- rectly assembled Chihuahua is capable of leading the Toy group. Chihuahuas do not need to be at the end of the line if they are capable of reach and drive. There should be nothing flashy about a good Chihuahua as he/she moves around the ring. Our standard calls for swift movement. For me this means getting around the ring swiftly, not a front that is swift like a sewing machine. Fronts that are just up and down movements are disgusting. Reach for a Chihuahua should be much like a Working dog or a Sporting dog. This reach should be matched with a driving rear that propels the dog swiftly around the show ring. When I was actively showing dogs, I often got in line first. I have been asked by other exhibitor if I should consider a place further back in the lineup. I have had judges suggest that I move out of the front position. My reply was always, “I’ll move if my dog holds up the line.”

the dog. Chihuahuas have personal space and when a judge gets into this space, it is very offensive. Too many times the judge brings on a reaction that causes this breed to be considered a nasty little character. 6. Have you ever weighed a Chihuahua in the ring? Have you had a question about a Chihuahua’s size but decided not to weigh? SB: No, to both questions. BJ: Yes, I weighed a Chihuahua. No, I’ve never decided against weighing. RM: Yes, I have weighed a Chihuahua in the show ring. I never simply guess that an entry is too big. 7. Have you had the opportunity to attend a Parent Club sponsored Judge’s Ed Seminar? SB: Yes, several times. BJ: Yes, I have been to several seminars sponsored by the parent club. RM: For several years I was judges education chair. I have given the seminar for my breed multiple times.


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