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BAZL & I Living With A Chihuahua

By Maurine Atkinson

Bazl in his Doggles ® .

W hat happened to his hair? Th e long-coat Chi- huahua puppy Junko Guichon handed me bore little resemblance to the furry creature I had visited four weeks before. “He lost his puppy coat. His hair will grow back,” Junko reassured me. As Junko gave me last-minute instruc- tions, I anxiously wondered if I’d be able to properly take care of this two-pound

little nothing. I had only lived with Basen- jis and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels before—monsters compared to this Chi- huahua puppy! Nonetheless, I was looking forward to the adventure that awaited Bazl (pronounced Baa-zil) and me. During the 90-minute drive to his new home, Bazl loudly voiced his displeasure at being separated from his two brothers. “Oh no,” I thought with disappointment. “I’ve got a screamer!” When we arrived at Bazl’s new home, I introduced him to two other members of

the pack: Zenith, a boy Cavalier and Saf- fron, a girl Basenji. Th ey sni ff ed him with interest and he did the same to them. One of my favorite fi rst memories of Bazl is that fi rst day when I sat in a chair and he happily crawled all over me, having forgotten his earlier discontent. Th at same day, I gave Bazl his fi rst bath and took him to the vet, during which Bazl was a model passenger and has been ever since. In fact, Bazl is so quiet during car trips that I almost forget he’s with me.

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