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LIVING WITH A CHIHUAHUA By Virginia (Jenny) Hauber WynJyn Chihuahuas F ORGET IT! I want you to forget every precon- ceived idea you have ever had about the Chihuahua. Why? Because they are every dog wrapped up in one. Discovering this tiny little dog is pure joy and enlightenment. much loyalty and love that you feel they are a special gift from above. Toys were developed for companionship and these little dogs take their job seriously. Th ey don’t require much space and prefer full body contact 24/7 if possible. Th e cost of feeding these little dogs is reasonable and clean up is easy to control. Th ey are great city dwellers since they don’t need a lot of space to exercise. What’s not to love about these little darlings?

personality while the long coats frequently appear to exhibit a more laid back tempera- ment and might be for those who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. Th e smooth coats will shed a little more than the long coats but they love to be groomed and will jump for joy when they see the brush come out. Th e 2 pound tiny little dogs are highly sought after as pets to be carried in designer bags to the delight of onlookers while those 3 to 6 pounds can be seen in the show ring and are more common. Th ey vary in size, temperament and looks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has a di ff erent interpretation which explains the question, “Is that a Chihuahua?” As a pack, these little dogs prefer the company of other Chihuahuas. Th ey band together and will even HERD each other when it’s time to go in for dinner or spend time in bed with mommy and daddy. Th ey are truly dedicated to their family, both 2 legged and 4 legged. Th ey enjoy caring for each other and exhibit a respect toward one another that is amazing. Th ey know their personal beds but will gladly invite a friend or two or three or four to share theirs. Th e Chihuahua makes an excellent companion and contrary to belief, they respond beau- tifully to training and exercise. Th ey are always eager to please and enjoy showing o ff with an innate desire to outshine all others. Th e AKC Chihuahua Standard states the Chihuahua should have TERRIER like qualities. Th is doesn’t mean they are going to hunt down a live rat for the kill. It suggests they are a frisky and energetic dog. Th ese little dogs are engaging in every way and are eager for a spirited argument. Th ey are deter- mined to have it their way so one must take charge early in ownership or you will find yourself at their beck and call. Th ey require owners who have determination to match their lively character and dramatic flair. Chihuahuas are a TOY dog and they definitely embody sheer delight. Th eir life’s desire is to please their owner, showing so

As a SPORTING dog the Chihuahua is naturally active and alert. Th ey enjoy all types of exercise, even swimming and hik- ing. Hunting you ask? You bet! Th ese little dogs will relentlessly hunt and even point a butterfly as it flutters between those gigan- tic ears, almost landing on their tiny nose. Th ese loveable dogs are well rounded and make a great companion that will happily accompany you anywhere you want to go, doing anything you want to do. Th ey will bay in unison like a HOUND when you are late with their dinner. A favor- ite squeaky toy is relentlessly run down like a prized quarry. Th eir stamina is exhausting to watch when they make up their mind they are going to have something that is just out of reach. Th ese little guys are not quitters. It is well known the Chihuahua is a great watch dog. Th ey mimic the WORK- ING dog as property protectors and no one will enter your property without first being announced by the Chihuahua. Th ey are quick to learn and very intelligent. Th ose big heads have big brains and they know how to use them. One must be smarter than the Chihuahua otherwise they will conquer and control and ultimately you will be a slave to this tiny little dog. With this in mind, training is a necessity. Th ese little dogs do not think of themselves as the smallest of all dogs so their owners will need to protect them from themselves and those giant canines they think they resemble. Long coated and smooth coated Chi- huahuas have distinct di ff erences besides the length of their coat. Th ey are as diverse as the NON-SPORTING dog. Living with smooth coats requires the more energetic

Most Chihuahua owners joke that, “we are owned by our dogs.” Th ere is definitely some truth to this whimsical statement. Most of us have owned other breeds but in time we finally found our way to this fabulous little creature known as the Chi- huahua. Once owned by one of these little dogs, you will never be without one in your home, the more the merrier. Th ese, the smallest of all dogs, are tuned in to us and at times we think they must possess a human gene. Th ey are so intuitive they appear to feel our feelings and at times when we are sad, you can literally see tears running down their face. Th e Chihuahua can be unrelenting when they bring you their favorite squeaky and leave it at your feet. When you refuse to notice, they will perform the most endearing antics render- ing you helpless to resist their appeal. Th eir wish is your command. Th ey just seem to know when YOU need to play. Th ese faithful little friends will charm you, cheer you, and warm your heart. Th e beauty and grace of the Chihuahua is a plea- sure to watch as they master amazing feats which keep you entertained most of the day. When siesta time comes around these “ener- gized” angels will find a sunny spot and lie there for hours absorbing the sun as if they were recharging their batteries. Surely this gives them their special ability to spread sun- shine in every room in the house. So forget all your preconceived notions about these little dogs and know that living with the Chi- huahua is the ultimate definition of “man’s best friend.”

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