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BY RICHARD MILLER photos provided by the author

T he author needs no introduction to the Chihuahua world. He has known the Chihuahua since July of 1957. He has bred, shown and now has judged the breed for 28 years. He also judges four of the AKC Groups (Hound, Terrier, Toy and Non-Sporting). He has judged exten- sively in the United States as well as many foreign assignments. Th e word “saucy” is used in the breed standard to describe expression. It is my opinion that saucy also describes tempera- ment and body language. Th e dictionary uses several words to describe saucy. I feel the word is best described when we think of an impudent child or a de fi ant child. I have used photos to show this quality to the best of my ability with photographs. Both of my examples are long-coated dogs, however, a smooth should have the same bold, inquisitive self-assured posture and expression. Th e correct attitude for an entry in the ring is, “Go ahead; make my day.” Th e Chihuahua breed standard does not discuss tail set, but it does mention tail carriage. Th ree carriages are correct (up, up and out or up and over with the tip just touching the back). A dog that carries its tail up and out tends to make itself look longer than it really is. A dog with this carriage is often harder to fi nish than his competition with either of the other tail car- riages. Th e tail carriages of the dogs used for my discussion of expression have what most breeders desire. Knowing where the bone of the tail ends is an important factor. A long coat with a huge plume may have so much coat that the tail “appears” to more than touch the back. Th ere should be no Pug/Basenji type tails nor should we see a tail dropping over the side of the dog like a Papillon. A tail held fl at in the back similar to a Pomera- nian is also faulty.


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