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Robyn judged our Regional prior to our National in May 2014. Read her comments on breeding/selection consistency below. Nick Frost, the foremost author- ity on this breed in the U.S., originally from the UK, lives in of South Carolina today. He introduced and developed the breed in England. It was a long, very dif- ficult process due to the quarantine at that time. His Dehra Kennel is known internationally. He has had many PBGV- CA National Specialty winners and has judged our National and many impor- tant shows internationally including recently PBGVs at the World Congress. Many of our dogs in the U.S. and those in Europe have the Dehra prefix in their pedigrees. Nick’s article on judging the breed gives us insight into the PBGV’s reason for being and the importance of his distinguishing features. Susannah Cooper spent six years as the Corresponding Secretary of the PBGVCA and was breeder/co–owner of WD at the National 2013. She has also been involved in Tracking. She judged the Sweeps at the PBGVCA Regional in 2012. Susannah’s comments speak volumes for the many owner handlers in the breed today and she has some thoughts that judges might duly con- sider as well.

easy and fundamental law of breeding which I guess is either hard to learn, or maybe more to the point, follow through with. We all want to produce show dogs from well–planned litters.” “Unfortunately the one with the great angles and movement is not the best shape, but there is always that lure to keep it and continue to justify to your- self that it is such a wonderful show dog and has plenty of breed characteristics, and so eventually con yourself that it is good type. Then your idea of the cor- rect balance of the breed tends to shift slightly as your eye adjusts to the dog you are having all the fun with. You just have to be so strict with yourself.” “Believe me I have had plenty of dogs over the years that would have won in the show ring anywhere in the world that are in pet homes and it has broken my heart to have to do this, but this is why I am managing to pres- ent so many puppies now of the cor- rect shape and type. Then all I need is a dog that has the amazing character that loves to show off like Darcy and you have the whole package, but he is really is an amazing dog and I wonder if another of his character will ever come along again!!!” “I do have some gorgeous six month old puppies from him, but they will

Sandi Bustin describes herself as a hobby breeder. A highlight for her was winning BISS at the 2006 National while the litter sister won BOS to him. She was also co–breeder and co–owner of WD, BW at the 2013 PBGV National. Sandi judged her first PBGV Sweeps at Chicago International in 2007. Sandy writes about her first encounter with this breed, the charisma and her contin- ued fascination with the breed. Megan Esherick is dog trainer extraordinaire. Megan is the Program Director for Canine Partners for Life, a non–profit service dog organization. For us Megan has written an article to address the training of a PBGV in the fast exploding agility arena. Megan is a Breeder of Merit, who competes in a variety of activities with both PBGVs and GBGVs. Her agility article in part first appeared in the AKC Gazette. To follow her pack adventures go to


I asked Robyn how she managed to produce such fine quality genera- tion after generation. Robyn’s com- ment: “I find breeding is just a matter of knowing the right balance and never compromising that principle. This is an


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