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“FIELD” VS. “SHOW” DOGS— for Griffons it’s One & the Same! By Kristi Rogney

W hile some Sport- ing Dog breeds and breed clubs have struggled with the split of their breed into the “field” versus “show” lines, the American Wirehaired Pointing Gri ff on Association (AWPGA) and its members have worked hard to keep their breed true to the following two breed club mission statements: t0CKFDU PG DMVC TIBMM CF UP FODPVSBHF and promote the quality breeding of Pure- bred Wirehaired Pointing Gri ff ons—and to do all possible to bring their natural hunting qualities to perfection. t 5P VSHF NFNCFST BOE CSFFEFST to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the AKC as the only standard of excellence by which the Wirehaired 1PJOUJOH(SJĊPOTIBMMCFKVEHFE Th e AWPGA has embraced the descrip- tion of the Gri ff on as a “Versatile Hunt- ing Dog.” Not only a field dog that hunts game, but he is also e ff ective in hunt tests, tracking, obedience, show and agility. In the United States, largely due to the e ff orts of the AWPGA, many Wirehaired Point- ing Gri ff ons have demonstrated their competitive merit by earning obedience, agility, field, hunt and show titles, includ- ing NAVHDA (North American Versa- tile Hunting Dog Association) Versatile Champion, National Shoot to Retrieve Association Champion, AKC Master Hunter and AKC Best in Show. Th e AWPGA celebrates the achieve- ments of their member’s Gri ff ons in all venues in their quarterly magazine, Th e Gri ff onnier . Th e AWPGA also holds an "XBSET#BORVFUFBDIZFBSJODPOKVODUJPO with their National Specialty. Awards and Recognition are given to club members

from around the US and Canada for their achievements in the show ring, the field, PCFEJFODF BOE BHJMJUZ 0OF TVDI BXBSE  iɨF $BQJUBJOF 'SBDBTTF $IBMMFOHF 5SP - phy”, is awarded to a Wirehaired Pointing Gri ff on who is an AKC Bench Champion of record and earning the greatest num- ber of points in AKC, NAVHDA and/ PS/453"mFME QFSGPSNBODF UFTUT PS USJ - als in a given calendar year. Th is particu- lar award celebrates the dual role of AKC bench Champion and outstanding field performance. In 2012, the inaugural Korthals Cup FWFOU XBT IFME JO DPOKVODUJPO XJUI UIF

club’s National Specialty. Entry require- ments were limited to Gri ff ons that had top field titles such as AKC Master Hunter, CKC Field Dog Excellent, NAVHDA Ver- satile Champions, Utility I and 2 Prized dogs. Th is competitive event encompassed both field and water work. Th e event drew in some of the best field tested dogs in the country, many of them also competing in UIF 4QFDJBMUZ BT XFMM 0G UIF  FOUSJFT  8 of them were AKC and/or CKC Bench Champions and one AKC Grand Cham- pion. Th e 2012 National Specialty saw the top-winning show dogs all carrying hunting titles which included AKC Junior,

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