Showsight Presents the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Size The Griff is a medium-sized hunting dog. Height and proportion are important to maintain function as a versatile hunter )emales are Ý Ý at the withers males are Ý to Ý 7hey are slightly longer than tall a  to  ratio 7he appearance of a Ý bitch versus a Ý bitch is significantly different and Mudging height can be difficult However, both are equally correct. While the breed standard does not disqualify an oversized dog, it is to be severely penalized. Undersized dogs are also incorrect and should be judged accordingly. The Coat In judging the Griffon, you may see a variety of coat types. 7he coat is designed for protection and warmth in the field )rom the standard ³7he outer coat is medium length, straight and wiry, never curly or woolly. The coat should lay Àat 7he harsh te[ture provides protection in rough cover´ Medium is considered 2 Ý to 3 Ý in length. Coat density and harshness should be checked on the back, shoulders, loin and tail, in an area with no spots. The spots, (also called plates), tend to be less coarse with less guard hair. The Griffon has a double coat, with a softer undercoat that extends to the head and ears. The undercoat provides insulation and protection and the amount of undercoat changes with climate and hormonal cycles.

Color is preferably steel gray with brown markings, freTuently chestnut brown, or roan, white and brown white and orange also acceptable. A uniformly brown coat, all white coat, or white and orange are less desirable. $ blacN coat disTualifie s. The breed should be exhibited in full body coat, not stripped short in pattern. Trimming and stripping are only allowed around the ears, top of head, cheeks and feet. The Head and Neck )rom the standard ³+ead 7he head is to be in proportion to the overall dog. The skull is of medium width with equal length from nose to stop and from stop to occiput. The skull is slightly rounded on top, but from the side the muzzle and head are square. The stop and occiput are only slightly A Griffon’s eyes are soulful and have a human-like quality. The Griffon has an eye that is more round than elliptical, unlike the German Wirehaired Pointer. The eyes should be well open and not protrude. The third eyelid (haws) should not be visible. Eye color ranges from yellow to any shade of brown )rom the standard ³1ecN rather long, slightly arched, no dewlap.” The Griffon must track and pick up large birds to retrieve. The neck needs to be long enough to perform these tasks. The Front Assembly The front assembly of the Griffon is extremely important to the breed’s function. As the standard says, the Griff should have ³shoulders that are long, with good angulation, and well laid back. The forelegs are straight and vertical from the front and set well under the shoulder from the side.” This requires pronounced.” The correct bite is scissor, with under/overshot considered a serious fault.

The facial furnishings are an extension of the undercoat. It can take up to three years for a Griffon coat to fully develop, which sometimes maNes it difficult to Mudge a puppy coat. A puppy should not have a curly or wooly coat, but it may be a bit softer than a mature adult coat. The coat on the tail is the same as the body any type of plume is prohibited 2ften the dog in the ring is the dog who e[cels in the field, so allowances should be made for some wearing of both facial furnishings from pushing through cover, and from neck hair worn from a hunt collar.

adequate length of upper arm for the forelegs to be in the correct position. The depth of chest should be level with the elbow.


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