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RESOURCES Copies of the breed standard and other informational materials, breed contacts, membership applications, and rescue assistance and information may all be obtained from The Irish Wolfhound Club of America. Visit the website at: Harp and Hound , semi-annual publication of the IWCA, available through membership only. The New Complete Irish Wolfhound , by Joel Samaha, at bookstores and from Howell Book Company. Playtraining Your Dog , by Patricia Gail Burnham, at bookstores and from St. Martin’s Press. What All Good Dogs Should Know , by Volhard & Bartlett, at bookstores and from Howell Book Company. The Magnificent Irish Wolfhound , by Mary McBryde. The Irish Wolfhound Guide , by Alfred De Quoy A more comprehensive list may be found on the IWCA web site. Copyright 2014, The Irish Wolfhound Club of America, Inc. Reproduction is limited to non-commercial use. measures how closely an IW conforms to the official AKC breed standard. Neutered dogs can participate in obedience competi- tions, lure coursing, tracking, rally, agility, and junior showman- ship (for youngsters between the ages of 10 and 18). Canine Good Citizen is another activity you and your dog can participate in to demonstrate your dog’s good behavior. Not all hounds do well in every one of these events, but if you can find one that both you and the dog enjoy, it can provide you with many hours of rewarding companionship. Of course, even though many IWs don’t excel at the precision exercises necessary for obedience competition, you’ll need to teach your hound man- ners and enough obedience commands to make him or her a com- fortable companion and good citizen.

TO BREED OR NOT TO BREED The decision to breed your IW should not be taken lightly. You should not even consider producing a litter of puppies unless you are prepared to devote the time, energy, and funds to give them a good start in life and to keep every puppy until a suitable home can be found. The expense of producing and raising a litter can be quite large, and proper homes for IWs are not always easy to find. Neuter- ing your IW is a simple and relatively safe alternative that has many health benefits as well. If you decide to take on the commitment of breeding your IW, the IWCA urges you to proceed responsibly. Like every AKC-registered breed, Irish Wolfhounds have an approved standard that describes a model of how the ideal IW should look, move, and behave. Respon- sible breeders strive to produce hounds which conform to this stan- dard. They will not breed animals with serious deviations from it, and certainly not breed any IWs with serious health problems or known genetic defects. They carefully screen potential homes, help educate new owners, and bear lifelong responsibility for the puppies they produce. If for any reason the owners cannot keep the puppy, responsible breeders either take the puppy back or provide help in locating a new and suitable home, regardless of the age of the hound. Unfortunately, these ideals are not always adhered to. The IWCA has an active network of rescue coordinators who help to place IWs needing a new home and rescue abandoned or abused dogs. A COMFORTABLE COMPANION AND GOOD CITIZEN IWs are eligible to participate in a wide variety of AKC-sanc- tioned activities. Conformation showing is open only to non-neu- tered dogs (except the veteran’s class at independent specialties) and


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