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German Pinschers are dedicated to their people, and nothing is worse for them than being left behind. They are up for any activity that their people want to get involved in. Love hiking or jogging on the beach? The German Pinscher is “all in.” Enjoy kayaking or paddleboarding? They can learn to do that too. Do you enjoy speed sports? German Pinschers do too! The German Pinscher standard also identifies the breed as having highly developed senses and great intelligence. They have an aptitude for training, with a fearlessness and an endurance that makes them a great all-around dog for just about any activity. German Pinschers work best using positive training methods and short, fun training sessions. German Pinschers aim to please. They can be found exceling in agility, obedience, and rally competitions. They will do just about anything for a treat and some praise from their person. The German Pinscher enjoys using its nose, and is fast and accurate in nose work and scent work activities. (They might even hunt for truffles.) German Pinschers have shown both their sensitivity to scent and their connection to their owners, and without formal training, they have learned to alert diabetics to high or low blood sugar levels, the onset of seizures, and migraines. They are resolute rodent exterminators and take their supervision of home and yard with appropriate seriousness. The German Pinscher is a breed full of energy and allure. A dog with an overflowing spirit—this is their essence.

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