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as part of the game. It is those traits that draw seasoned competitors to the breed. Developing a training and conditioning regimen requires creativity, innovation, experimentation and a sense of humor. As one GP rally exhibitor stated, “He is on a need-to-know basis. Once I see the rally course, I can quickly teach him the exercise” Says another, “Teach a GP the heel position, a good stay, proper jump- ing techniques and you can excel in any sport”. Most working GPs have titles in multiple events, a testament to their ver- satility. Currently, there are no OTCH German Pinschers; perhaps due to their dislike for the singular focus high level obedience requires of competitors. The breeds versatility and breadth of skills allows exhibitors to partici- pate in many sports and activities to determine the perfect fit for each team. After establishing the basic fundamen- tals and developing a training style for each dog, you can then “speed date” your way through all the events. Within my pack, one dog is a natural herder,

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