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another lives to find the rat in barn hunt and the veteran of the group pre- fers tracking. While the breadth of skills is wide, the ability for the breed to achieve the highest level of accom- plishment within a single sport is not restricted. Many GPs are competing in agility at the master level, multiple agil- ity championship have been obtained by the breed recently. As a tribute to the breed’s historic function, the German Pinscher Club of America has initiated the Unique Titling Program. This program recog- nizes GPs that have received titles in sports or venues that are not available for the breed via AKC. Herding, nose work, carting, are just a few examples of titling events that mimic the breed’s historic function. To further emphasize the importance of companion events,

the GPCA is offering a National Versa- tility Award at the 2014 Specialty show, the highest combined qualifying score in rally, obedience and agility will be recognized as the National Versatility German Pinscher. German Pinschers are a healthy and long-lived breed, rarely suffering from joint or other physical ailments that have derailed promising sports careers. Their moderate size (17"-20"), train- ability, long life and good health cel- ebrate and acknowledge their origin as a multifunction working dog and valuable companion. German Pinschers don't necessarily respond to what the owner says or thinks... they respond to how the owner feels. Th is emotional connection allows you to improve as a trainer, and advance as a part- ner during the journey towards your titling

goals. Find yourself with a German Pin- scher, and you’ll never be lost again!


Janet Oatney lives in St. Helens, Oregon with her husband Ron Dunn and three German Pinschers. They train and compete in obedience, rally, tracking, herd-

ing, nose work, barn hunt and in their spare time…. conformation. They have the first German Pinschers with K9 Nose Work ® and herding titles, and are working towards their Barn Hunt LLC titles. Janet is the GPCA public relation chair and a member of the performance event committee.

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