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to be part of a family. It is up to the owners to properly continue to socialize the breed. I personally have eight German Pinschers that live in my home. All are either AKC CH or GCH GPs. My family is not rehomed after they compete their show career. RZ: I really like this breed for many reasons and if I were younger, I would own one! I like the size, temperament, elegance, coat length and colors. There really is much to like about the breed! 10. And, for a bit of humor: what’s the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced at a dog show? KMH: While judging a puppy class the first puppy came in the ring sniffing the mat. He then proceeded to roll over on his back—over and over and over—until he got to the corner of the ring! Then he got up and started running in little circles! Everyone ringside was laughing. I was laughing and the young handler looked lost as it was his first time in the ring and did not know what to do. I just smiled at him and said, “Puppies will be puppies!” He finally caught his dog and we proceeded with the judg- ing. No harm done and it lightened the mood! KS: I went to Stockholm in 2008 for the World Dog Show and Pinscher Schnauzer Specialty Show. I was dressed to impress at the Pinscher Schnauzer Specialty held out- doors the day before the WDS in one of my best show suits. I looked around and realized I was quite overdressed. My competitors were in shorts, Ts and sandals as it was quite warm. As the day got hotter, the clothing kept disappearing until some of the exhibitors were dressed only in their sports bras and shorts. One exhibitor started around the ring with just a bra, shorts and high heeled sandals on and when she realized she could not run well with her sandals on, she kicked them off into the crowd and kept on running. LS: I was judging Juniors and a young girl had her dog set up on the table for examination. I asked, “Could you please show me the bite?” She leaned towards the front of the table, blocking the dog and smiled broadly showing me her own bite full of braces! I then said, “Your new braces are working on your bite, could you now please show me the dog’s bite?” LV: My Bronze GCH girl, “Genie” won a Group placement at a show. Without warning, she jumped up to the judge and quickly licked his face. What a shock to all! RZ: Thank goodness, I really cannot think of any real funny thing happening to me at a dog show, at least while judging. I sometimes have to laugh at the antics of the untrained dog: rolling on their back, refusing to walk on a leash and the sheer look of embarrassment on the face of the owner or handler. That makes me smile, got to love those dogs and they will learn someday to do what they are supposed to do!

highest point of the topline, which slopes slightly toward the rear.” Lack of topline reduces proper, ground-cover- ing, effortless, balanced movement. LV: How important are toplines? Very important! Movement? Too many GPs do not have proper movement; however, they are shown and sadly, they win! RZ: Gee, I think all I can talk about is toplines! I see so many that are roached, swayed, etc. So yes, I feel a correct topline is very important! I also feel a correct, soundly moving dog is of great importance! There is no breed more beautiful than a sleek, sound dog of medium size moving like a German Pinscher! 8. How is the overall quality in this breed that you see around the country? KMH: In a rating from 1 to 10; prior to 2014 I would give the breed a 9+. Since 2014, I would have to lower the rating to 7-. LS: The overall quality is strong. LV: The quality is better in some places than others in differ- ent parts of the US. Much depends on the number of GPs entered and the location. RZ: I do not get the chance to judge this breed as much as I would like too, but I do think the west coast dogs seem to be stronger, than what I see here on the east coast. There are some good, some not so good all over the country! 9. Is there anything else you’d like to share about the breed? KMH: The German Pinscher has a comical personality. They are very loyal (just like my service dog) and love to please their families. Our GPs are excellent hunters either for sport or game. KS: The breed is not Terrier-like in my opinion, but truly a working dog. They excel in agility, obedience, rally, coursing ability, tracking, nose work and will do any work you train them to do. They are very in-tune with their owners and make wonderful service dogs. LS: It is always wonderful to see the breeders have contin- ued to keep the intelligent, affectionate family member and guardian in the breed characteristics. LV: German Pinschers are a wonderful breed. Owners need to be the one in charge. GPs are family dogs and need “THE GERMAN PINSCHER HAS A COMICAL PERSONALITY.”

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