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T he German Pinscher is historically known for its working abilities as a ratter and a protector of farms and carriages. As an old German farm dog, these qualities are ever present in today’s Pinscher. The breed’s histori- cal traits are deeply rooted and well-preserved by most reputable breeders. Many are interested to find out that although similar in looks to the Doberman Pinscher, the breeds are very different in both personality and behavior. The German Pinscher is so much more than a medium-sized dog with lots of energy. For those who are willing to invest time in creating a successful rela- tionship with their Pinscher, the sky is the limit for what these vivacious little dogs are capable of. The innate behaviors of the German Pinscher can be used to give owners a competitive edge in many of today’s popular dog sports such as barn hunt, lure coursing, scentwork, and schutzhund. Additionally, this same skillset can be shaped to produce success in other events, including agility and dock diving. For those who are up for even more of a challenge, Ger- man Pinschers have also had success in the rally and obedience rings. The German Pinscher is a strong and versatile dog that can be trained to do just about anything by using patience, practice, and praise. This breed is highly food motivated, which makes reward- based training easy. The AKC breed standard describes the German Pinscher as, “Energetic, watchful, alert, agile, fear- less, determined, intelligent and loyal…” The standard further goes on to state that the German Pinscher has “…highly developed senses, intelligence, aptitude for training, fearlessness and endurance.” Other terms used within the standard to describe the Pinscher include “alert, vigilant, deliberate, watchful of strang- ers,” “highly intelligent,” and “vivacious.” German Pinschers typically bark only to alert their household of a change within the perimeters of their fortress. Despite such a strong personality, the breed is quite loyal to their primary caretaker and aloof to strangers.


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