Showsight Presents the Silky Terrier


By Norma Baugh

Physical Characteristics S breed as ‘terrier and small, ‘V’ shaped, erect ears give proof to their alert attitude. A silky has a level topline with a docked tail carried at the 12 o’clock to 2 p.m. posi- tion. Dark, almond shaped eyes with keen expression. Th e blue and tan coat is single, straight and flat. Th e tight, cat like feet are indicative for the breed as is the raising of one front foot when on the alert. Average life span is between 14-17 years. Approxi- mate weight is 10-11 lbs. with height at approximate 10 inches. Temperament Silkys need owners who are the ‘alpha’ of the pack or they will ‘take over’ the position themselves. A Silky is a very good alarm dog who is cautious and protective of ‘their family’. A Silky is very smart, brave, loving, energetic, curious, stubborn at times, tenacious and can, at times, resist training but … with proper positive train- ing the learn quickly. Th ey are very food driven and will work for attention. A Silky does need early socialization to all types of outside activities—people, dogs, travel. Silky make wonderful pets for children who are good with animals. Not all Silkys are good around small children as they can be a bit robust and over powering for the under 5 child. Silkys can become pro- tective when not properly socialized and become a ‘fear biter’. ilky Terriers are fine boned but with substance of mus- cle. Built low to the ground and slightly longer that height at should. A wedge shaped head defines the At Home Silkys are very energetic and active. Definitely need a secure fenced yard. It is never advisable to leave your Silky for long times in the ‘fenced yard’ as they will become bored and ‘look’ for people to be with. Th ey can be escape artist. 232 • S HOW S IGHT M AGAZINE , F EBRUARY 2014

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