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I live in Sarasota, Florida and I have many hobbies including ten- nis, golf, reading and gardening and playing cards once in awhile. I began breeding and showing in 1960 and was very lucky to breed 58 AKC Champions of record and six all-breed Best In Show Lhasa Apsos. I have been judging since the early

no oblique tendency, longer than tall (about 1/5 longer) with a black nose and strong teeth in a scissors position. The coat is silky and single and follows the body outline, but should never approach floor length—a point I try to remind my exhibitors all the time! It is an easy coat to keep clean and well groomed. Plus the controversial sentence in the standard is tail—DOCKED. I have seen undocked tails that are straight up and now I am seeing them up and over the back lying on the topline. I admit it is a confounding situation and I have believed from the first day I saw the undocked tails that the parent club should amend the Standard as it probably is in the future, but not today. 5. What do you think new judges misunderstand about the breed? We judges have an obligation to the standard written by the parent club and using the day of the show to deter- mine our results. Believe it or not we take our decisions very seriously and do our best. 6. And, for a bit of humor: What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced at a dog show? I have had a million funny things happen, but one of the best was when an exhibitor tried to tell me that some- thing NOT IN THE STANDARD was a disqualification in his breed after I had awarded BOB but then on more detailed conversation it turned out he had NEVER even read the standard!

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seventies and obtained all-breed status in 1997.

1. Small in stature, the Silky seems to be much bigger than he is. What about him makes him so com- manding in the ring? The Silky Terrier is a keen breed and always up there ready for anything and he shows it in his face and his expression and his comportment. His size, which is nine to ten inches tall, makes him so easy to handle in any situation be it a large home area or apartment living.

2. What makes him a great companion? He is fiercely loyal to his owners and family.

3. Describe the breed in three words. Spirited, loyal and easy keeper.

4. What are your "must have" traits in this breed? Must have features for me, according to the standard, are dark eyes and eye rims, ears small on top of head with

“The Silky Terrier iS a keen breed and alwayS up There READY FOR ANYTHING and he ShowS iT in hiS face and hiS expreSSion and hiS comporTmenT.”

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