Showsight Presents the Standard Schnauzer

should be harsh in texture and not be so profuse as to detract from neat appearance or working capabilities of the dog.” The Standard Schnauzer requires grooming. To maintain a coat in condition for the show ring is time consuming as the coat on the body must be hand plucked and the leg hair trimmed and parts of the head and rear machine clipped and/or plucked. The reward is a beautiful dog with very minimal shedding. The alternative for pet owners is machine clipping the coat. Done correctly it gives the dog a neat appearance. However, it changes the coat texture so prevents the dog from being shown in the breed ring. Head and expression is the other breed specific feature that defines breed type. Shaped like a blunt wedge, the head is dis- tinguished by a beard and moustache and distinctive eyebrows. The top skull is the same length as the muzzle and the plane of the skull is parallel to that of the top of the muzzle. Cheeks are muscular but flat. When one looks down on the head with its combed whiskers, it resembles a rectangle. Cropped ears stand up, uncropped ears fold forward in a line with the skull, the inner edges lying along the cheek. Eyes are oval, turned forward and a dark brown in color. The expression is lively and alert. In the show ring, the single disqualifi- cation for the breed is size. Males must be 18-20 inches at the withers; females must be 17-19 inches to compete in the conformation ring. The ideal size is the inch in the middle. The most serious fault when judging them concerns temperament. The Breed Standard reads: “When weighing the seriousness of a fault, greatest consideration should be given to deviation from the desired alert, highly intelligent, spirited, reliable character of the Standard Schnauzer.” Though the Schnauzer left the farm long ago, they continue to be a wonderful companion dog with an aptitude for work and a keen intelligence. Of medium size at 35-45 pounds they can be accommodated in a modest size home or apartment, pro- vided the owner provides opportunities to exercise. They require grooming, but have the advantage of not shedding copious amounts of hair. They are often better toler- ated by those with allergies than some other breeds. Their level of energy and desire to join into your activities makes them a great companion for those who love going places and doing things with their dogs. They have such a sense of fun. The Tramp character in the Disney story, Lady and the Tramp hints at that and is said to have been modeled after a Standard Schnauzer. Our first Schnauzer definitely bore a resem- blance to that fictional scamp. That said they make versatile, loyal companions and are much loved by those of us who share our lives with them.


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