Showsight Presents the Standard Schnauzer

STANDARD SCHNAUZERS: The Relentless Pursuit of Life By Diana M. Barber, Ph. D. T he Standard Schnauzer was originally developed as an all-purpose farm dog in Ger- many centuries before orga- nized dog showing. How- ever, all-purpose should not

are on, someone is home, and there are plans for you. Standards are filled with purpose and if you don’t assign them a job, they will find one of their own and you may not like it. Once given a job, the Standard’s pursuit of perfection is relent- less. World War II POWs feared Stan- dard Schnauzers because they could not be bribed. Standard Schnauzers are not the dog for everyone and are completely unsuitable for owners who are not will- ing to be leaders. To truly be happy with Standard Schnauzers, you must not just live with them—you must work with them. To do otherwise is to risk working for them.

“To truly be happy with Standard Schnauzers, YOU MUST NOT JUST LIVE WITH THEM, YOU MUST WORK WITH THEM.”

be confused with the cliché “jack-of-all- trades, master of none.” Indeed they excel at any task in which they believe. Th ey are incredibly intelligent (nicknamed the dog with a human brain), but more than their intelligence and creativity, what sets these dogs apart from the rest of canine intel- ligentsia is purpose. Th is is the joy and terror of this breed in a nutshell. When you look into a Standard’s eyes, the lights

Well trained standards make patient teachers and devoted playmates for children. © Alexis Hubbard

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