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Standard Schnauzer Q& A

“The secret to a successful breeding program is knowledge of pedigrees, great teachers, honesty and surrounding yourself with other people who support you and who can give you positive advice.”

one time that “I don’t care how they come and go as long as they look good on the go round!”) One of the smaller specimens in the Working Group, the Stan- dard Schnauzer certainly has plenty of fans. Do I think it’s hard to get noticed in the Group ring? Sometimes a judge begins to make a large cut in the front of the group and tends to skip over the end of the line. But generally a good quality Standard Schnauzer can make his/her presence known in the Group. My favorite dog show memory? Over the years there have been many great memories—winning the National Specialty (with a breeder/owner handled bitch) my first BIS win (with an owner han- dled bitch), watching my daughter win the National Specialty (with a dog we bred and she raised and trained) But the most important memory is all the great friends I have made in the dog world over the years. There are just no friends like dog friends! This is a great breed—fun loving and full of energy. But not the breed for everyone. They are smart and can be a challenge but are also a great friend and companion if raised and trained properly. TOMMY KATZENSTEIN I am a professional handler, as well as, a breeder. I fell in love with the Standard Schnauzer while growing up working for Brenda Combs. I apprenticed under Brenda and her husband, Ed, since I was ten years old. I learned how to properly hand strip the coats and was taught structure and the importance of the breed standards. I have been fortunate to learn many breeds and the proper way to maintain and groom each one. I can not stress the importance of the education I received and I try to share the knowledge that was given to me with anyone who asks. We have recently started forming a Standard Schnauzer club for the states of Texas and Oklahoma. We are waiting on AKC approval for our name and the “go ahead” to take the next steps to getting this club recognized. The overall support of the Standard Schnauzer community and our members is amazing. We are all working together to improve our breed and our sport. Sportsmanship is very important and the friendships that are formed through the dog show community (inclusive of all events, not just conformation) can be lifelong. I live in Italy, Texas. Outside of dogs, I like to hunt when I can, which is not very often. I have 22 Years showing dogs and research- ing the Standard Schnauzer. The secret to a successful breeding program is knowledge of pedigrees, great teachers (the value of their knowledge is priceless), honesty (knowing and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each dog and striving to breed an overall better dog), and sur- rounding yourself with other people who support you and who can give you positive advice. What I feel is the condition of the the Standard Schnauzer is today? Overall: fair.

Pros: coat texture is really good in general right now. We have an amazing group of people who are working together to breed better dogs and bring back the camaraderie we have lost in this sport. It is refreshing to be a part of such great sportsmanship. Cons: lack of consistency in type. What I feel breeders need to concentrate on to improve the qual- ity of the Standard Schnauzer? They need to breed to the standard. The Standard Schnauzer should be square and robust. Socialization is also extremely important. Breeders need to be honest with them- selves about their dogs. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your dogs. Breed to improve your weaknesses but at the same time, keep your strengths. How I feel about the influx of new judges, specialists and all breed, to our breed? I don’t mind the influx of new judges. I think there needs to be more breed specific judges, long time breeders and professional handlers who truly know the breed. I think the new judges need to concentrate on judging to the standard. Do I think it’s hard to get noticed in the Group ring? Not really, if it is groomed correctly, it looks right and shines, it will be seen. My favorite dog show memory is standing on the floor of Mad- ison Square Garden during BIS watching the sparkle in Rocky’s eyes; CH Charisma’s Jailhouse Rock. It was captivating and the Standard Schnauzer chose me, I did not choose them. The breed overall is extremely intelligent. They are full of life and have the ability to do anything you ask of them. We encourage not only conformation activities, but also performance events. They love to run fast cat, barn hunt and dock diving just to name a few. The best standard schnauzer is one who has many activities besides being your couch buddy. DARCYMORGAN Darcy Morgan and her husband, Craig, are up- and-coming owner-han-

dlers and breeders. They’ve owned Standard Schnau- zers since 2005 and began showing in 2015. Their kennel, Steadfast Standard Schnauzers, produced its first litter in 2018. Their dogs participate in Fast CAT, CAT, Nose Work, CGC, Trick Dog and Con- formation. They’re training for Agility and Barn Hunt because they believe the maxim that a tired Schnau- zer is a good Schnauzer.


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