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As the population of Pequenos grows, in the US, more people are find- ing out how much fun they are to train and compete with in a variety of sports. There are currently many running Agility, Scentwork, FCAT, Lure Coursing, Barn Hunt, and even Obedience. Training the breed can be a challenge. Like all good Hounds or even those more “feral” breeds, Pequenos will work for you, once you have built a relationship with them. They tend to figure out their job quickly and don’t want a lot of repetition in training. Once they learn their skill, they don’t like to be over-schooled. If possible, starting a training regime early will shape their brains and keep them ready to learn throughout their lives. If your breeder can work them a little each day, your job, later in their lives, will be much easier. Clicker training works well with them, but they also need to be given limits. They will take complete advantage of an owner who allows them to live without boundaries or expectations. Be prepared to be tested by this breed, sometimes multiple times a day. The girls tend to be the “thinkers” and like to work things to their advantage. They are also more of a train- ing challenge. They work for you because it’s beneficial to them. The boys work for you because they want to and they enjoy your company. They are more forgiving of your mistakes and will work hard to make sure you understand what they need. We all think our breed(s) to be the best. The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is a wonderful little breed. The scruffy wire dogs are cute and draw you in with their fluffy cuteness. The smooths are sweet and the easy coat care is a plus. We believe this breed can do anything we ask. So far, this is a good estimation. It is fun seeing our breed do so well in so many venues. The PPPA believes in the importance of a versatile dog. We have versatility certificates and a versatility award, for the dog with the most and balanced titles. We have even incorporated the sport/working titles into our ROM/ROMX awards. If you want a fun little dog that likes to play at games, contact the club for breeder references.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jean Evanoff was introduced to the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno about 15 years ago at Meet the Breeds, at the Javits Center in NYC. They were cute and charming. Her search for a Pequeno started shortly afterwards and, soon, “Sienna” came into her life. She fit what Jean was looking for and certainly seemed to fit the Standard quite nicely. Their first year in Florida for the National Championship, Sienna took Breed in a large entry. Jean is currently head of Judges

Education and Secretary for PPPA. The club is now an AKC

member club and tries to be open and welcoming to all members. Jean worked hard at her breeding program and has imported two dogs from Portugal and two from England. The results include being the owner of a National Specialty winner, the breeder and co-owner of another—and the progeny of the second winner has won TWO National Specialties. Jean can often look around at the winners at a National and/or the associated shows and see the family dogs in the line-up. Most recently, the Hound Specialty after the National had a majority of the line-up being the grand- or great-grand pups of Sienna, her foundation bitch. Jean has to thank her friends and dog family for all their support over the years. So many people have puppies from her, and she delights in watching them have great success; Suzanne Faria, Susan Coomer-Souza, Carol Sowders, Delores Streng, Karen Oglesby, and so many others. They all inspire Jean and have given her so much through their knowledge and friendship.


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