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separate breeds. Here in the States, we have two breeds, Portuguese Podengo Pequeno and Portuguese Podengo, cur- rently in the AKC Miscellaneous group. I was excited to be able to attend but I pictured just following some hunters around the fields with their Podengos. Maybe a bit of discussion but most of it would go over my head since I am not a hunter. This was NOT the case! The members of Rota do Podengo Português put on a most informative day. Podengo enthusiasts from eight countries attend- ed. After we assembled the crowd, had introductions and insights on why they felt this was an important event to host, we gathered around large tables for breakfast in their rustic hunting lodge.

We instantly felt at home. I think we all felt a strong connection to each other despite any language barriers. We all had one thing in common, the love of dogs but even more specifically the love for our wonderful breed, the Poden- go Portuguese. I instantly knew this would be an even more interesting and enjoyable day than I had expected. We headed back outside, talked more about what they expected from the dogs and why. Then they gathered the dogs and off we went. We broke up into small groups while heading out. Walking alongside the members of the Rota do Podengo Portu- guês, we watched them work with their dogs. We were able to ask questions.

It was interesting to hear the other participants’ questions as well. All the groups met up for a refreshment in the shade, a Fado song under a cork tree, and many more questions and answers. Off again as a large group, we stopped at a pond for the dogs to drink and cool off, then returned to the hunting lodge. After a wonderful and very lively luncheon and a glass (or two!) of wine, we had the privilege of previewing a book of photographs of Podengos on the hunt, since published. Then ensued a long, interesting, informative, and spirited discussion of the Podengo breed standard. Henrique Passadinhas (a respected hunter, breeder, and judge)

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