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STACY FAW I live in Milton, Indiana. There is nothing outside of dogs… but to pay the bills I am employed as a Medical Coder/Auditor. I bred my first litter of dogs in 1978, but I have had dogs in my life since birth. I started showing as a child in 4-H and never looked back. I have been judging for about 3 years in AKC and 6 years in UKC. Stacy Faw is currently the only breeder-judge for the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. She is a Board Member of the Portuguese Podengo Pequenos of America, a member of the Judges Education Committee and the Chairman of the Media Committee. Stacy, along with her wife Susan, owns the Broken Road prefix in AKC. They have finished/bred 20 PPP Champions to date, 8 which are Bred-By Champions, and dogs from their kennel hold the distinction of being the breed’s first CM title, CH, GCH, Owner-Handled Group Placement, Bred-By Exhibitor CH, Bronze GCH as well as the first breed winner at the Westminster Kennel Club. GABRIELA VEIGA I live in Estoril, Portu-


I live in Estoril, Por- tugal and I am a lawyer. I started having dogs 36 years ago, showing since 35 and became a judge in 1995. Breeder of Portu- guese Podengos (and Estrela Mountain Dog) since 1980 with the Kennel name “Vale do Poço” and President of The Portuguese Poden- go Club since 1990. FCI judge since 1995, judges all Portuguese breeds

and FCI Groups 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Has already judged in Por- tugal, Spain, Ireland, France, UK, Germany, Holland, Bel- gium, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slova- kia, Hungary, Russia, Denmark, US and Canada. He is the Author of the books “The Portuguese Podengo” (translated in English and German) and “The S. Michael Cattle Dog” (Portuguese Fila of Azores). Currently, he is a member of the Standard Committee of the Portuguese Kennel Club and he is also Vice President of the Portuguese Podengo Club of Great Britain, and is an Honorary Member of the Portuguese Podengo Club of America and the Portuguese Podengo Pequenos of America. 1. What five traits do you look for when judging the PPP? SF: Nice wedge-shaped head, good arch of neck that flows smoothly from head to body (we don’t want the head sitting right on the shoulders), straight front, level topline and proper proportions. GV: When judging the PPP I immediately look for type, pro- portions, head/expression, overall balance/construction and pigment. VV: Type, triangular head, body proportions and balance.

gal. I’ve been into dogs practically since I was born. My parents were both dog lovers and my mother had bred Grey- hounds in her youth. I showed my first dog, a Smooth Fox Terrier belonging to a friend of my mothers’, at the ten- der age of 3! It must have been a disaster—I hate showing to this day and I’m awful at it! I became a judge in 1999.

Photo by Jose Rodrigues

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