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wiTh sTacy faw, gabRiela veiga & víToR veiga

“The exPRession musT neveR be TeRRieR-like; skull and muzzle musT foRm a TRiangle and NEVER BE PARALLEL.”

movement is based on endurance. It is a light trot, and not speedy. VV: The correct movement of a PPP is the trot.

VV: One of the problems new judges may have is not finding the correct type, especially in the expression and proportions. 11. Is there anything else you’d like to share about the breed? SF: As a primitive breed, the PPP is one of the few breeds to have remained relatively unchanged for centuries. It continues to be an agile, athletic, intelligent pack hunter in Portugal and the PPP community here in the United States strives to maintain those qualities both today and into the future. As a breeder/judge, I hope that all AKC judges will continue to learn from those that put such dedication into this breed. GV: I would like to advise the readers that if they are look- ing for a showy dog, the PPP is not it! It is a moderate breed in all aspects, and that is how it should remain— true to type. The Podengo is an ancient breed and the true type has been preserved for centuries, especially the smooth variety. Let us hope it remains so, with no exaggerations or embellishments just to make them more showy. VV: The wire coated Podengos must have the same breed type characteristics of the smooth variety—these usually have the correct type. The expression must never be Terrier-like; skull and muzzle must form a triangle and never be parallel. 12. And, for a bit of humor: What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced at a dog show? SF: Dogs do keep us humble. You just never know what they are going to do. Some of them can be showing like a dream, you do your down and back and they decide to just stop, roll over and scratch their back and bark non- stop, then refuse to get up. So much for any placement at Eukanuba, but the crowd got a good laugh. Some days you just shake your head and laugh with them. GV: The funniest experience I had in a dog show was at the Nordic Winner Show where I was judging Podengos. When choosing the Best female, having the winners of the several classes in the ring, I do my choice and hand out the rosette to the owner of a very young Junior female. The owner was so excited and overwhelmed that she said, “Oh my God!” Then she rolled her eyes and fainted on the spot, right in front if me!

7. Describe the breed in three words. SF: Primitive, intelligent and independent. GV: Smart, tough and fun. VV: Smart, clean lines and active.

8. What are your “must have” traits in this breed? SF: I look for a straight front (as that is an area that the breed needs improvement in overall), a level topline and the 20% length to height ratio. I also want a dog with suf- ficient length of neck. GV: Correct head and expression with correct ear placement and pigment. Correct conformation and tail set. Correct proportions and density of coat in wires. VV: Correct silhouette, triangular head with ears and tail of sickle shape. 9. Are there any traits in this breed you fear are becoming exaggerated? SF: I am afraid that some of them are getting too long or too short. They are to be 20% longer than tall, with a 50/50 body to leg ratio. I have seen some that are too long in body and too short on leg as well as some that are too square; each fault either too long or too short is equally as detrimental to the breed and should be treated as equally undesirable. GV: At the moment, the only issue to be careful about is the size, but presently nothing really worries me. VV: Excessive size is to be watched. 10. What do you think new judges misunderstand about the breed? SF: They are not Terriers. They are a primitive breed and can be wary with strangers as well as being noise sensitive. Many judges are put off when an exhibit will not respond and may actually shy away when they use a squeaker or lean over a PPP. Although the PPP is small in stature, it is still considered a sighthound and should be approached and handled in a calm and gentle manner. GV: New judges many times look for a “cute Terrier look” or expression, which is completely wrong and should be heavily penalized.

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