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Color : Yellow or Fawn. Light, medium or dark shades are acceptable. The color can be solid or with white markings or white with markings of the above colors. The following colors are accepted but not preferred. Black or brown, as solid colors or with white markings. White with markings of the accepted colors. Skin: Mucus membranes are preferably dark pigmented or always darker than the coat. Skin is thin and tight. Gait: Light trot, easy and agile movements. Temperament: Very lively and intelligent. A natural rabbit hunter either alone or in a small pack. They seek rabbits among rocks and thick shrub. A companion who willingly serves as a watchdog. Faults : Behavior - Signs of shyness. Back skull/muzzle - Parallel planes. Jaws - Level bite. Nose - Partial lack of pigment. Neck - Ewe necked or severely arched. Body - Arched topline. Croup - Excessive slope. Coat - Silky and/or with undercoat. Serious Faults : Skull/Muzzle - Convergent planes. Nose - Total lack of pigment. Ears – Rounded. Belly - Excessive tuckup. Tail – Curled. Disqualifications: Behavior - Aggressive or overly shy. Eyes - Of different color. Jaws - Undershot or overshot. Ears - Folded or hanging. Color - Brindle, Black and Tan, Tricolor, Solid White.

Approved May 11, 2010 Effective January 01, 2011

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