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T he Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (PPP) is becoming ever more popular with exhibitors, and judges will see more variety of color and style in the ring. The Board of Directors and Judges Ed of the Portuguese Podengo Pequenos of America, PPPA, are asking that you remember a few important points when judging and/or evaluating the breed. First, proportion is extremely important. They are 20 percent longer than they are tall, measured from point of shoulder to point of buttocks. This allows the dogs to get into the tight groundcover of the commonly hunted areas of Portugal. They are able to flush out the rabbits into more open areas. A dog that is too short in length of body will not be able to maneuver as easily in these situations. Be aware, this measurement is not from the prosternum. Measured there, you will have a dog that is too short. The other proportion to consider is the leg-to-body ratio for height. When you look at a Pequeno, the body of the dog, from point of withers, to the ground, the body makes up 50 percent of the height and the legs are the other 50 percent of the height. The size range of the Pequeno is quite varied. They can be from 8 inches to 12 inches tall. The smaller ones are just as important in a hunting pack as the larger dogs. Smaller dogs are better able to get into tight spaces where the rabbits can hide, and the larger dogs may be able to run down a rabbit for the kill. Be aware of dogs being over-sized. While there is no DQ for over- or under-sized, the norm should be the middle of the standard, at 10 inches. A dog that is too heavy in bone may not be as efficient in the field and may tire too easily and possibly break down. Likewise, a dog that is light in bone may


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