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NATURAL TAILS Now a brief mention of an issue that really is no longer much of an issue for most people—tails. Please don’t be afraid of tails on a Rottweiler—they are born with them. Contrary to the belief of many, the cropping and docking ban in Europe was not instigated by “animal rights” people. It was decided by the World Veterinary Organization, based on the science of pain, doing no harm to animals, and only performing surgical intervention (yes, tail docking is a surgical procedure) when medically necessary. The American Veterinary Medical Association stands in agreement with the WVO. For more infor- mation, see https: // /literature-reviews /welfare- implications-tail-docking-dogs or https: // Docking_in_Dogs_Historical_Precedence_and_Modern_Views. Our standard may say “docked short,” but it does not state “must be docked.” It also states the set of the tail is more important than the length, which gives judges the option to put up the best dog, not the best docked dog. In 2017, 17% of all class entries at the American Rottweiler Club National were natural tailed. If you are presented with a tailed entry, ignore the tail and look at the overall dog—proportion, angulation, movement, muscling, condition, temperament, color and pigment. The Rottweiler has come a long way over the decades, with many admi- rable changes for the better. Help us keep the Rottweiler a working dog, one that loves to wake up every day to new tasks and challenges, always present with good nature and enthusiasm. By recognizing and awarding the best of our breed, you are part of our dedication to excellence. BY RECOGNIZING AND AWARDING THE BEST OF OUR BREED, YOU ARE PART OF OUR DEDICATION TO EXCELLENCE.

The best part of this photo? You might think it’s the clean head, beautiful dark eyes and mouth, strong feet, or color and size of markings, but IMO it’s the ribbon for his tracking title. WORK is our most important breed trait!


Jeff Shaver has owned Rottweilers for the last 37 years and has belonged to the American Rottweiler Club for 35 of those 37 years. He has served 14 years total as a director or officer of the American Rottweiler Club, including five years as President, and is currently the Vice President of the Parent Club. Having been on the 1990 American Rottweiler Club Standard Revision Committee as well as having co- bred numerous AKC champions, he has years of experience in the breed. Knowledgeable in conformation and performance events, his dogs have multiple advanced Obedience titles through Utility Dog level, as well as nine Champion Tracker dogs. He regularly judges tracking events for AKC. This year, Mr. Shaver judged the American Rottweiler Club Top 20 event at its National Specialty, and has judged numerous American Rottweiler Club approved Sweepstakes, including at the National Specialty on multiple occasions. He also currently serves as an officer for the Rottweiler Health Foundation and Rottweiler Rescue Foundation. Jill Kessler-Miller has been in Rottweilers for 35 years, being a Golden State Rottweiler Club member for the same number of years and an American Rottweiler Club member for 25 years. She was President of GSRC and Show Chair for approximately 20 years and has been on the Board of ARC since 2017. Jill started in Obedience, is a CCPDT certified trainer, and is active in Conformation, Agility, Rally, Scent Work, Nose Work and Barn Hunt. She is also a Chief Tester for ATTS, a recently minted Scent Work AKC judge, has judged the Rottweiler Sweepstakes, judges the breed for National Independent Rottweiler Klub, and often assists Jeff Shaver in Judge’s Education. Her website is


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