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“The Rottweiler is, according to the Standard, a mascu- line breed and refers to all the aspects of the breed using the term ‘He.’ I feel it is very important that a male looks like a male and a female looks like a female.”

keep newcomers. Personal interaction with knowledgeable people who are willing to spend the time and effort to make them not only feel welcome, but also educate them along the way. My ultimate goal for the breed is to see them continue to be bred as close to the standard—structurally and with the correct tem- perament—as possible. Passing that goal on to the next generation would be my ultimate desire. My favorite dog show memory? The second dog competing in Utility created his own exercises enroute to earning the title. He was such a clown. On the go outs he would often leave the ring, jump- ing over the gate to visit people watching, then return to complete the exercise. Also, the many wonderful friends I have made along the way. I would encourage not only new judges, but also those interested in the breed, to find someone close to you that is experienced— hopefully through the Parent Club, the American Rottweiler Club—and take the time to truly understand the history of the breed before doing anything else. LAURENWARSHAW Lauren Warshaw of Trilogy

somewhere else? Breed type is very important and a correct Rott- weiler head plays an important role in exuding breed type. What is the biggest misconception about the Rottweiler? The biggest misconception is that the Rottweiler is for everyone. It is not. Does the average person on the street recognize the breed for what it is? No. The average person does not understand that the Rottweiler is a Working Dog and requires a firm, but fair and steady hand and he needs a job to do and a lot of mental stimulation as well as physical outlets. What special challenges do breeders face in our current econom- ic and social climate? Breeders need to take the appropriate amount of time to make sure their puppies go to the right homes where the owners know how to raise a Rottweiler and it will therefore be their forever home. They need to educate puppy owners about the responsibility of owning this breed. At what age do I start to see definite signs of show-worthiness? A show-worthy Rottweiler is visible as early as eight weeks in struc- ture, movement, type and temperament. The “Stand Out” puppy/ puppies of the litter will shine! Alternatively, puppies lacking cor- rect structure, movement, type, temperament can also be noted at this age as well as some serious and disqualifying faults. What is the most important thing about the breed for a new judge to keep in mind? Breed type! Head type, body type, and movement. The head should be clean and have correct ratios with good prominence of the zygo- matic arch and stop, and the body should be powerful, robust and compact with a 9x10 body ratio and have the correct length of leg. Our breed is getting longer and longer and losing leg. The correct movement should look powerful with efficient ground covering and a strong reach and drive and always, always holding a level topline. Please don’t be fooled by dogs that are being flown around the ring fast and flashy so as to hide their faults. It is an incorrect speed for our breed. What’s the best way to attract newcomers to my breed and to the sport? When a breeder sells a puppy to a new show home they should give lots of support, direction and encouragement to the owners so they will enjoy showing and competing with their puppy and hopefully, if they have kids, they will get involved too. Also, share with them about all the other activities a Rottweiler can learn to do. Taking the time to talk with spectators at the ring and encourag- ing newbies to go to Rottweiler Specialty shows where they can ask many questions and be able to see all the Rottweilers. My ultimate goal for the breed? To continue breeding to main- tain correct structure, type, temperament and health. My favorite dog show memory? There are many, but most recently my young boy, Solar, whom I bred, had a very memorable weekend at Del Mar, California. Solar and handler, Jeannie Tap- pan, just starting their campaign, won a Best in Show, Back-to- Back Best in Specialty Shows and a Group Two in three days of shows. It was my first Best in Show win and very special because it was also Solar’s very first time in the BIS ring, and he won it! Truly a very proud moment for me as his breeder. I truly cannot imagine my life without being surrounded by this incredible breed. I enjoy everything about them, even their naughtiness, and their loyalty and love for me has no limit. I am truly blessed.

Rottweilers has owned Rott- weilers since 2006. She enjoys showing her dogs herself and competing in several other events. Lauren’s foundation bitch in her breeding program, Kindle, was the #1 Rottwei- ler Bitch All-Breed standings and the #5 Rottweiler Breed standings in 2016. Kindle’s son

“Solar,” BIS MBISS GCHB Trilogy’s Moment Of Totality V Kin- dle CA TKN CGC, is currently the #1 Rottweiler in Breed rank- ings. Trilogy Rottweilers is a Breeder of Merit and strives to produce correct, healthy Rottweilers with desirable temperaments. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona, and I own and operate a dog grooming business. Do I hope the breed’s popularity will change or am I comfort- able with the placement? Number eight is a comfortable placement for the Rottweiler. When the Rottweiler was number two back in the ‘80s, its great popularity hurt the breed. Many of the public got involved with the Rottweiler, because it was trendy and fashionable. All the wrong reasons to buy a Rottweiler. Can I speak to masculinity and femininity in the Rottweiler? The Rottweiler is, according to the Standard, a masculine breed and refers to all the aspects of the breed using the term “He.” I feel it is very important that a male looks like a male and a female looks like a female. It should be a very clear distinction. However, a female should not be lacking in substance. How much emphasis should be placed on head characteristics? Much emphasis should be placed on the head. The Standard places the accent mark. The AKC/American Rottweiler Club Standard has 273 words, six subcategories, nine serious faults, and six dis- qualifications. The head contains the most verbiage of any section in the Standard. Why so much detail if the accent were intended


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