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Correct head type: Powerful skull and muzzle, well-developed zygomatic arch and stop, strong lower jaw

Incorrect head type: No prominence in the zygomatic arch, conical muzzle shape, shallow stop.

Th e geometry of the head should possess power in the muzzle, stop, and zygomatic arch. It is the same for the dog and the bitch with these two exceptions: • Th e dog head is more massive throughout • Th e dog head has more prominence in the stop and zygomatic arch SUMMARY Correct Rottweiler head type is a com- plex subject. Its comprehension is essential in knowing Rottweiler breed type. Dismiss- ing its importance would be analogous to denying the value of the engine in a racing car. Both Rottweiler and the racing car will get by with less but are missing what makes them unique. REFERENCES American Rottweiler Club Standard Rottweiler il Cane, Carla Romanelli Lensi Th e Priority of Breed Type in the Rottweiler, Steve Wolfson Th e Icon of the Breed is a copyright arti- cle. It cannot be copied or re-written with- out the permission of Steve Wolfson.

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN DOG AND BITCH HEAD TYPE? Certain Rottweiler devotees believe there should be a distinction in the architecture of head type between the dog and bitch for two reasons. One, only the dog should be the sole owner of power, substance, and masculinity. Secondly, because she is a female, the bitch should possess soft lines, be shallow in the topskull and muzzle and have little to no stop or zygomatic arch. For them, the bitch is less than the dog. Th e Standard does not support this notion. It has no mention of a di ff erence between the sexes other than a marked reversal of sexual type as a serious fault stating: “Reversal of sexual characteristics—bitchy dogs or doggy bitches.”

Correct dog head type

Correct bitch head type


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